How to Use Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Yes, we have the answer to the tricky problem for weight loss. There is no rocket science, but plain simple logic and the willingness to try out some simple steps. That’s it, and no we are not kidding. We have research behind our claims of using whey protein powder for weight loss and we will establish it here.

Why Most Weight Loss Diets Fail?

All gurus recommend having less calories that what you need, but reducing the calories increases hunger and the desire to eat increases phenomenally. Only a few can resist for some days, and this is the sole reason why most weight-loss diets do not last very long.

The BIG QUESTION, where does Whey Protein fit in? Does it really promise any benefit?

Let us start with a recent study on weight maintenance diet, which involved 35 volunteers. One group of 17 members was fed normal proteins whereas the rest were given whey protein.

For the first two weeks they were fed 20 percent protein, 30 percent fat and rest carbohydrates. In the next two weeks, they increased protein to 35 percent, fat 20 percent and 45 percent carbohydrates. And finally for the last two weeks they switched to a high-protein diet, involving more than 50 percent protein and no restriction on the other two, and asked to stay on it for 6 weeks. The results were amazing.

Increased protein content suppressed their hunger a bit, despite having same carbohydrate. After 6 weeks the pleasant surprise awaited them all.

Those who had whey protein reported better hunger control and satiety.

All volunteers reported feeling much fuller despite having less carbohydrate. And to their amazement, each lost more than 10 pounds of which 80 percent was fat loss.

The Science Behind This Amazing Result

The magical whey protein has many hidden nutrients within. Let us see what they are and how do they work:

  1. Whey protein contains a peptide called GlycoMacroPeptide (GMP), a known powerful hunger-quenching nutrient. It does the work by stimulating the release of CholeCystoKinin (CKK) hormone responsible for controlling hunger. Their recent studies found out that:
  • Whey protein increased CKK release by over 400 percent, and
  • It forced volunteers to eat up to 20 percent less compared to others who had a placebo.
  1. Whey protein drink suppressed the effects of hunger-hormone Ghrelin.
  2. Whey protein activates Opioid Receptors in the gut, which tells brain to produce feeling of fullness. Our brain obeys this command and we stop eating further.

This study shows that, indeed, whey protein has may aces up its sleeve! We all should seriously find ways and means of including whey protein in our diet and replace at least one meal if not more.

Whey Protein Aids Fat Loss by Blocking Fat Storage

Well, that’s another dimension of Whey Protein’s Benefits. Another recent study shows extremely positive results. Let us see what that study found out:

Three groups of animals were fed normal diet, a protein diet and whey-protein diet for 8 weeks. The result was on expected lines.

  1. The group having whey-protein diet weighed 35% less than those on normal diet.
  2. The protein-fed group weighed 18% less from the normal-diet fed animals.

The plus point was:
Whey-fed animals had the best levels of lean body mass.

What stimulated the result?
Researchers attributed these results of reduced fat storage to the high concentrations of BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids present in the whey protein.

Whey Protein Gets Another Feather in its Cap!
Dairy products intake, that is milk and its products get the appreciation for many beneficial effects on our body. There is another research to support this fact:

40 obese people were divided in two groups and fed different reduced-calorie diets. The first one had small amounts of dairy products along with their diet, whereas the other had four bowls of thick, low-fat Greek Yoghurt. This research carried on for 14 weeks at a stretch. The results were heart-warming!

The ones who had Yoghurt lost 24 percent more weight, 60 percent more body fat and lost major tummy fat compared to the other group. Also their waist reduced by around 3 inches. WOW!

What stimulated this result?
Leucine, part of the BCAA components was more active, and then the researchers attributed to a protein fraction known as ACE (Angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibiting peptide. Both work together for this fantastic effect.

So now you know Whey Protein is the major benefit provider and other milk products provide minute, but effective benefits contributing to lose weight. But wait; there is more to it when you can have weight loss in an exorbitant way!

Exercise for Excess Weight Loss When Combined with Whey Protein!

For more fat burning and building lean muscle exercise is the best option. Exercises raise body’s metabolic rate which burns even more fat. Whey protein is the proven nutrient which boosts the effectiveness of exercise. Research supports this premise!

Researchers made two groups of women and fed low-protein & high-protein diets and coupled with resistance training and cardio for 1 month. Both lost equal amounts of weight, but the women on high-protein diet lost more fat compared to the low-protein diet eaters. The significant part was that the low-protein diet eaters lost more muscles and in fact the figure touched almost 38 percent.

A huge benefit for Bodybuilders
When a high-protein diet is combined with weight lifting, more of the fat is converted into muscles, and this is something most bodybuilders prefer.

Ample research studies show that Whey Protein helps you with weight loss in a simple and effective way. For best results, combining daily dose of whey protein with resistance training and cardio is the best way for weight loss and fat loss. Why wait when such a simple answer exists for you to see your slimmer body?

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