What Do Protein Shakes Do for Your Body? Dairy and Non-Dairy Protein Powders

Protein plays a vital role in building up the muscles of a person, easing muscle recovery, and helping one to lose a lot of pounds within a short period of time. Nowadays, almost every men and women desire to cut off their fat and look slim. However, losing weight is not that easy how it seems to be. From following the strict weight loss management diet to adding daily exercise and workout in your schedule, reducing your weight requires a lot of efforts. In some cases, even after skipping the square meal or following the nutritious diet routine, the people do not observe any positive change in their body. so if you have tried all the possible efforts and still couldn’t reduce your weight then no need to worry now as the consumption of protein powder can turn out to be the best possible option that can assist you in the same. Now the major question arises is “what do protein shakes do for your body?” apart from cutting off the extra calories and burning fat to a great extent, the protein shake is especially known for its muscle-building capabilities and the recovery of muscles.

Although the research and clinical reports prove that the intake of protein through solid food is advantageous for health, it is really tiresome to prepare your daily meals considering the involvement of the protein in it. Therefore, most of the people in the recent time prefer protein shake. These shakes are made up of the combination of protein powder, milk, and other essential ingredients. There are mainly two types of protein powder i.e., protein powder extracted from the dairy products such as milk and the non-milk protein powder. Though both of the above-mentioned powders are effective to build up muscles, the latter can cure the hunger hormones and is the best choice for the beginners. Some of the non-dairy protein powders are as follows:

Pea Protein

pea protein is specially designed for the people having allergies with the non-vegetarian and dairy products. It is one of the major alternatives to whey and casein protein as it features the fullness hormones i.e., it keeps your body full for a long time. Pea protein is extracted from yellow split pea and is enriched with branched-chain amino acid. According to the study conducted for the consumers of pea protein, it was observed that men dealing with high blood pressure issues experienced a decrease in the same on consuming pea protein supplements on a regular basis.

Hemp Protein

another non-milk protein powder that is widely utilized by most of the bodybuilders is hemp protein. Hemp protein is considered as the plant supplement that is linked to marijuana. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and other such necessary amino acids. However, hemp protein is not termed as a complete protein powder as it possesses a very low quantity of some essential amino acids i.e., Leucine and Lysine. Hemp protein is especially known for its easy digesting properties and the feeling of fullness for a long duration.

Brown Rice Protein

although brown rice-powder possess muscle recovery and easy weight loss properties, the same is found inferior to that of casein and whey protein. this is mainly because even after comprising the essential amino acids, this powder lacks Lysine and hence, is considered as incomplete protein powder.

Mixed Plant Proteins

the protein powder that comprises more than one plant-based protein is termed as mixed plant protein powder. Generally, due to the presence of high quantity of fiber in this plant protein, they are comparatively complicated to digests than that of the dairy-based products. These protein powders contain brown rice, pea, hemp, Chia seeds, Alfalfa, Quinoa, Flaxseeds, Artichoke, and other protein powder extracted from plants and non-dairy products.

What Do Protein Shakes Do for Your Body? Benefits of Protein Powder

The merits of protein shake are not limited to athletes and bodybuilders rather it is widely preferred by a large number of normal people as apart from building muscles and losing weight, protein shake also improves strength and provide better nutrition than that you get in your daily meal. Some of the major benefits of protein shake are listed below

  • Muscle Gain

the connection between the intake of protein shake and the muscle gain vary depending on the health and fitness of a practitioner. According to the several surveys and studies, the effect of a protein shake on the muscles strength of the beginner bodybuilders was observed to be comparatively very low than that in the athletes. However, in another study, the people that were opting for regular training and muscles gaining exercises does not observe any changes in their body after consuming protein shakes. So it clarifies that the results vary in different people.

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  • Muscle Recovery

As per the 2015 evidence and clinical reports, the whey protein played a significant role in muscle recovery. The people that added protein powder in their diet observe more strength during workouts than those who don’t opt for the same.

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  • Weight Loss

Although protein powder does not magically cut off your entire body fat, the same is found to be effective enough in burning the calories. Moreover, due to the complicated and slow process of absorption and digestion of protein shake, it makes you feel full for a long period. Hence, cutting down the intake of calories to a great extent.

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If you are craving to lose your pounds easily without undergoing the strict diet then protein shake is the right option. Besides that, if you have commenced workout then you might require the protein shake after 30 minutes of the conclusion of each session. Although there are no side-effects of protein shake, it can have a negative impact on your body if you consume it without preferring exercises.

So what are you waiting for? Two glasses of protein shake a day can aid you in quick muscle build up, muscle recovery, and weight loss. So add up the protein shake in your routine diet and observe the changes within few weeks.

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