10 Tips to Stay Fit During Festive Season

Winter has slowly stepping in upping our appetite. The nearing festive season promises a huge fare of tempting sweets we sorely miss during the year. Is it possible to stay away from delicacies and not indulge in bingeing? We show you the way to stay fit this festive season.

Bodybuilding efforts can quickly go wrong if you give in to the festive spirit without thinking. Pause for a few minutes and we show you how to enjoy all the sweets yet not disturb your staying fit and healthy routine.

“Saying No is impolite but no one minds if you pick a small piece. 🙂 This trick serves both, you and your host”

Top 10 Tips to Eat Healthy in Festive Season

1. Drink A Glass or Two of your Favourite Flavoured Cold Water Before Leaving Home.

Drinking water before leaving home serves a dual purpose. First you hydrate the body to allow building muscles. Second, with less space in your tummy, you tend to eat less. The temptation to have all is minimized.

2. Mark All Your Festive Day Outs on Calendar as Dangerous

Diwali, Bhai Dooj and other such day outs, when you visit your relatives should be marked as Dangerous! Either putting a big X will tell you in advance you need to be cautious. It is easy to forget festive days especially because it allows you an excuse to binge.

3. Ensure You Always put Extra Efforts the Day After the X days

Even if you had the minimum extra on the festive days, yet it exceeds your carbohydrate limit. You need to shed that extra flab by adding a few minutes to your regular workout.

4. Starve Your Body When You Plan To Go Out Drinking

NO. We are not asking you to skip either breakfast or meals. You better exercise more so that your body needs more energy but you continue having your daily sized meals. At your outing, any extra snacks with drinks won’t be stored as fats.

5. Choose Dry Fruits over Deep Fried Foods

Picking an almond or even a cashew nut not only shows your class, it also helps you to avoid deep fried foods. If insisted upon, pick a small piece with a smile and you acted smartly. (Unless your host is too well off, they may not insist on having another round!)

6. Keep Yourself Occupied and Not Loiter

Engage in some fruitful discussions as it will keep you off the laid out items on the table. Loitering may tempt you to visit the sweets often and then resisting may get out of hands.

7. Survey Before You Start Eating!

It is always better to survey all items laid out on the table. You will know which items to choose. It makes sense to locate healthy items like salad and fruits.

8. Small Portions Of All Goodies Does The Trick

Break a Laddoo or Jalebi in small pieces instead of the whole. This will ensure you have not missed anything and hence not anger your host.

9. Avoid Colas or Squashes In-Between Meals

You had your dish full with goodies. Now totally avoid having any cola or other sugar laid drink in between. This will not only add unnecessary sugar, it will also interfere in your digesting the festive food.

10. Always Round Your Day Off With A Long Stroll With A Paan!

Indian festivity culture has a beautiful treat that mostly follows a heavy meal: The Paan, or Betel Leaf! The Paan helps digest all heavy foods quickly.

The Cherry On The Cake: Your Leisurely Stroll

Don’t accept readymade Paan at your host’s house. Stroll instead to a nearby stall, have a Paan and leisurely walk back. This stroll will work wonders because it is an additional, unplanned walk.

Lastly, be sensible and do not depend fully on these tips. Use your own intuition and choose what works best for your body. After all, only you are responsible for all good or bad happenings.

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