Thonon Diet – Fast and Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss

What is Thonon Diet Plan?

This Thonon Diet plan, just like the Keto Diet plan is gaining popularity. It has some wonderful benefits like the weight loss stays for long and it is the most important aspect which people love. For quick weight loss you need to try once and see for yourself how it assures a happy and healthy lifestyle.

How Thonon Diet Plan Differs

This Thonon Diet Plan limits the carbohydrate intake which forces the body to use fat for fuel and thus ensuring quick weight loss. It allows for a cheat diet on 7th day and even accommodate extra fruit if you feel hungry. This feature relieves the burden of sleeping on an empty tummy.

It banishes the use of salt, so you only eat what is necessary. Your primary goal is weight loss and tasty food often makes you eat more.

The Thonon Diet Formula and how it helps you lose up to 10 kg in two weeks?

This diet plan limits the intake of fats & carbs but maintains healthy protein levels. High protein ensures maintaining muscles and melting away the fat. If you stick to guidelines for two weeks, you can easily reduce up to 10 kgs.

The stabilization phase, after two weeks is the key in preventing the rollback of weight loss. Less carbs mean fatty acids are moved to blood and sent to liver where they turn into ketones. Your body uses these ketones and fatty acids for turning into energy and your fat melts faster than you imagine.

The Thonon Diet Meal Plans

This plan specifies three meals daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner, which need to be light and with very low calories. You can have variety but please see that no salt or oil for seasoning is used. Tea or coffee can have milk but no sugar. One cheat meal is allowed on 7th and 14th day but do not splurge, keep the portions to the minimum.

If you feel you are very hungry after dinner, you can add raw spinach or a small bowl of yoghurt (without sugar). Only once in a week, at dinner you are allowed an extra fruit but keep the size small. Drink plenty of water, at least 8-10 glasses and if it appears difficult, drink cold water as it makes the task easy.

It is better to start your plan on Monday so you can easily know when your cheat day is!

Day 1 – Monday

Breakfast – One cup of Coffee/ tea without sugar (strong or light allowed)

Lunch – 2 hard-boiled eggs (without salt)

Dinner – 1 grilled steak without seasoning

Consume a small bowl of non-fat yoghurt (without sugar) or raw spinach.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Breakfast – Coffee/ tea without sugar (non-fat milk allowed)

Lunch – 1 grilled steak, few garlic cloves, tomatoes, one carrot

Dinner – Cooked ham and salad including lettuce

Day 3 – Wednesday

Breakfast – Coffee/ tea with 1 teaspoon sugar or 1 small piece of bread

Lunch – 2 hard-boiled eggs (without salt) with spinach and tomatoes

Dinner – Ham and salad including cucumbers and some greens

Day 4 – Thursday

Breakfast – Coffee/ tea without sugar and 1 small piece of bread with 1 teaspoon butter

Lunch – 2 boiled eggs, tomatoes, lettuce and some cheese

Dinner – 1 small Fruit and plain Greek yoghurt (without sugar)

Add some more fruit if you feel hungry.

Day 5 – Friday

Breakfast – Black tea with few drops of lemon juice

Lunch – Fish (spices and pepper allowed but no salt) & carrots, tomatoes

Dinner – 1 grilled steak (without salt) with spinach

Day 6 – Saturday

Breakfast – Coffee/ tea with 1 teaspoon of sugar

Lunch – 1 grilled chicken breast (only a pinch of salt)

Dinner – 2 hard-boiled eggs & raw carrots

Day 7 – Sunday

Breakfast – Coffee/ tea with milk but without sugar

Lunch – Grilled Steak with carrots or small cauliflower

Dinner – Cheat Meal

Repeat the menu for the next week.

You can easily mix and match from the above remembering to keep the portions as mentioned. If you just cannot eat grilled stuff as it is, use a small pinch of salt but ensure you do not go overboard and have another portion.

At the end of the week weigh yourself and if the difference is less than 3 kilos, means either you have not adhered to the guidelines or not gulped water sufficiently or not slept well at night. 8 hours of sleep is essential.

Guidelines for Bodybuilders

For maintaining muscles sufficient protein should be consumed. Whey Protein is the best as it provides many delicious flavours, it also contains BCAA which helps you in exercising. For best recovery options after intense exercises use Glutamine that looks after your muscles like no other.


Weight loss was a lengthy proposition, till this Thonon Diet Plan appeared. It has umpteen benefits but the options included allow variety and helps not getting bored. The results are fantastic, provided you strictly adhere to the guidelines and avoid salt, sugar and fats as far as possible.

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