Thakur Anoop Singh Workout and Diet Plan

Thakur Anoop Singh, who has stormed the Indian bodybuilding arena lives a thoroughly disciplined life. For example, he does not have carbohydrates after 6 in the evening and ensures sleeping an entire night for 8 hours, just like clockwork. And the results are stunning to say the least.

And this is just the beginning. His diet plan includes diverse protein sources like egg whites and chicken breast in his meals plus fish at night, before calling it a day. Plus, he has his regular dose of Whey Protein and his body responds healthily with bulging muscles the world loves to watch.

Disciplined to the core for fantastic bodybuilding

Thakur Anoop’s morning starts with a jog on an empty stomach because he knows that the metabolism rate of our body is at its peak. He insists that he works out till he sweats to the maximum, which ensures the fat vanishes quickly.

He works out daily at the gym for 2 hours. He alternates with cardio and stretches to the limit to the maximum level again for burning the fat away. He also likes to engage in sports like Kabaddi, which helps him focus on his opponents, assures quick movements and increases stamina.

The Strict Diet Plan Thakur Anoop Singh Follows

9 am               Mix of Oats with Whey Protein, 8-10 egg whites

1 pm               Seasonal vegetables with 250-325 grams of chicken breast; a big helping of sweet potato.

4 pm               Same as above with addition of 6 egg-whites omelette and watermelon slices.

6 pm               Mix of Oats with Whey Protein and 8-10 egg whites

10 pm             A big helping of chicken breast, assorted salad and 8-10 egg whites


Watermelon helps him with Nitric Oxide, for that extra pump in the gym.

Thakur Anoop Singh Workout Routine Follows

Thakur Anoop Singh’s Workout Routine includes unique sets and a reps list. His exercises last for 3 sets, 20, 15 and then 12 reps. These reps help him get high volume and drop sets too.

The Daily Workout Schedule sees different exercises and he alternates them efficiently, depending on what his focus is on that particular day.


Fast Running minimum 45 minutes or till he is exhausted

For creating Abs, he invests in Crunches, Leg Raises, and Cables

For sculpted shoulders, he prefers the Overhead Press, Lateral Raises, Shrugs etc. He alternates with Arnold Press, and Front Raises.


Fast Running minimum 45 minutes or till he is exhausted

Next is Gymnastics which can last till 30-40 minutes, followed by Squats, Leg Press and Leg Extension.


Warm up cardio for around 15-20 minutes, followed by Leg Raises and Crunches.

Bench Press, Incline or Decline Press and Tricep Pushdown for Chest & Triceps


Half week gone, the routine changes quite a bit.

You can call it a Leg Day with Leg Curl, Lunges, Stiff Leg Deadlift etc. Surprisingly, he opts for either a steam bath or sauna for 30-45 minutes.


After Thursday’s change, the similar routine follows.

Fast Cardio for up to 40 minutes, followed by gymnastics for that stretching exercises for 30-40 minutes.

Now come the turn to focus on the Back and Biceps through Deadlifts, pull-ups, Pulldowns, Bicep Curl and Hammer Curl.


No cardio and no gymnastics either, only leg exercises. Squats, Leg Press, and Leg Extension respectively.


Though a rest day, he enjoys leisurely walks and an occasional swim. He also likes to spend some quality time with friends, family and occasionally visits the theatre.

Bodybuilding Essentials That Anoop Thakur Seriously Follows

He drinks at least 10-12 glasses of water daily, irrespective of the weather. In the summers, this quantity goes up by around 2-4 glasses. Instead of gulping water quickly, he sips mouthfuls, allowing the saliva to dissolve fully.

Bodybuilding is a serious and disciplined sport. Late night outs are a big no no. Strictly observing the time schedules and doing everything on the dot serves every bodybuilder the best. Muscles need protein, which contain BCAAs that help in rebuilding the broken tendons and assists in fast recovery; water on the other hand help in bulging the muscles. And after this a sound, peaceful sleep assures fully recharging of your batteries for the next day’s gruelling workout. Follow these tips and match your results and we assure you, get ready to see an amazing body.

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