10 High Testosterone Boosting Foods

Current lifestyle is killing testosterone and subsequently our sex drive. As we age, depleted testosterone levels raise its ugly head with diseases like enlarged prostrate in men and breast cancer in women. Thankfully, natural testosterone boosting foods keep the hormonal balance intact and save us from popping synthetic drugs which otherwise could prove even worse.

Testosterone makes a man a man. This normally produced hormone is responsible for many things which include the following:

  1. Sexual Drive
  2. Building Muscle
  3. Confidence Levels
  4. Body Strength
  5. Keep off depression
  6. Keep fat away from your tummy! (Great for six pack Abs)

There is bad news about Testosterone but, then, there is good news also.

Let us talk about bad news first. Testosterone is often associated with males, but affects females also. In fact, both men & women need it. With age, the testosterone level declines in both and create huge problems: breast cancer in women and enlarged prostrate in men.

Now let us talk about the good news. There are testosterone boosting foods that increase testosterone levels naturally and everyone already knows about them. Isn’t it great that you already are on the right track? Well, those who don’t eat those foods, we have some good news for them too: easy availability of testosterone boosters to help you from developing any of the ailments we mentioned above.

Rejoice men & women! You have nothing to worry about now.

Why Testosterone is important in our lives

Testosterone, produced naturally in our body is responsible for producing Estrogen, which maintains bone, muscle mass and responsible for maintaining Libido. Women, in particular have low levels of testosterone throughout their lives and their bodies are more sensitive towards it and their beauty & health depends on the balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

When women cross 45 years, menopause sets in and they use hormone replacement therapy to control mood swings. This therapy is behind increasing breast cancer cases globally.

How our body produces Testosterone?

Using different nutrients like Vitamin D3 and Zinc our body produces Testosterone. Zinc is an essential mineral, which is naturally present in many foods. Vitamin D3, the Sunshine Vitamin is deficient in many because everyone prefers working indoors.

Stress, the lifestyle disease also kills testosterone. In stress, your body releases Cortisol, a hormone released by our adrenal glands work against testosterone, which goes against your body.

What are the options: Synthetic or Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

When natural options like Sunshine Vitamin are there, why think about synthetic versions?

Obviously, we suggest natural foods that naturally boost your Testosterone Levels!

In fact, naturally produced testosterone balances the amount produced against other hormones, which are present and needed for your health & wellness.

Foods that Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels for Optimum Health

Let us look at these amazing natural foods, which are so good for our health and fit nicely into our nutritional plan.

1. Whey Protein

Whey Protein Concentrate vs Whey Protein IsolateWhey protein helps restrict the production of Cortisol and allows testosterone to flourish. Whey protein also helps boost testosterone production. In a research when athletes consumed 20 grams of Whey Protein Isolate or WPI before and after resistance training, testosterone levels rose by 24 per cent, and this level stayed for 48 hours.

2. Garlic the Wonder Herb

GarlicGarlic lowers the Cortisol levels so that the internally produced testosterone can be used efficiently.

3. Pomegranate

PomegranatesKnown to increase blood quality, has high levels of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E and Iron. However, just one glass of Pomegranate juice increases testosterone levels up to 30%. Not only this, but it improves your mood and increases Libido.

Use it in moderation because the fruit is high in fructose and it may put flab on your tummy.

4. Oysters

OystersHigh in Zinc, these are hailed as libido-boosting food. Many recommend it to increase the sperm count and they of course, testosterone levels.

5. Cashews and Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Cashews and Raw Pumpkin SeedsWhat a combination, cashews and raw pumpkin seeds! Well, there are other surprising foods with high Zinc like Sardines. Cashews increase cholesterol and that in turn helps our body produce testosterone.

6. Coconut

CoconutCoconut helps your body to produce cholesterol, which maintains optimal health. This means coconut aids in fat loss and weight loss.

7. Veggies like Cauliflower & Broccoli

Veggies like Cauliflower & BroccoliCruciferous vegetables help your body to excrete out excess of estrogen and hence, increase the amount of effective testosterone available to cells. Thanks to 3-carbinol, it increases the excretion of Estradiol (an estrogen hormone) in men by up to 48%, thereby increasing amount of testosterone availability.

8. Olive Oil

Olive OilIn just three weeks, extra virgin olive oil consumed by participants in a research, experienced an increase of testosterone levels by 20%. It is time to switch to olive oil guys, the oil for this new generation.

9. Egg Yolks, too helpful to toss it away

Egg Yolks, too helpful to toss it awayBodybuilders often tossed this yellow part out. It is time to rethink because not only because it comes with saturated fat to keep your heart strong, but it helps in producing Testosterone.

Not many know that this sex hormone is actually formed out of Cholesterol and if your diet is free of saturated fat and cholesterol how problematic this can be! Always aim to keep your saturated fat between 15-25% of total daily fat intake.

10. Fenugreek

FenugreekUsed for centuries, Fenugreek finds its use in foods, poultices as recommended in Ayurveda and from modern bodies like International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. It reduces body fat and improves Testosterone levels. It also cajoles your sex drive if it is on the wane and can increase libido.

You can use it in curries, or eat the greens or sprinkle the dried form in soups, salads etc. Also, you can soak the seeds overnight, then drink the water in the morning and chew the seeds. You can also make a paste and refrigerate and use one tablespoon daily on empty stomach every morning.

11. Ginger

GingerGinger’s health benefits are stronger than you have ever imagined. It fights nausea, inflammation and even cancer and it can significantly improve testosterone and semen quality in infertile men. Cut into thin juliennes and sprinkle some table salt and drizzle some lemon juice, when the Ginger turns pink. This is very tasty and makes an attractive addition to any salad.

12 & 13. Search Inside and you will find!

Well, we mentioned something, which comes free and there is another, which you can reduce on your own. This completes our list of top 10 testosterone-boosting foods (or tips).

Testosterone is an important hormone, which has overall control on health, strength, sexuality and feelings of well-being. It is in our hands not to allow it to slip away and be a potential reason to strike back with serious ailments like breast cancer and enlarged prostrate. Natural testosterone booster foods, testosterone supplements, foods and better lifestyle can increase testosterone levels naturally at healthy level.

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