Wrestler Sushil Kumar’s Workout and Diet Plan

A vegetarian winning an Olympic Gold Medal is really great news isn’t it? It is true and it happened not long ago, just 3 years back in 2014! Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar achieved this feat in just 107 seconds and unsettled a non-vegetarian opponent! This achievement gets a bigger dimension because Sushil Kumar is just 5 feet 6 inches tall and this medium height athlete beat a taller opponent even before he could realize what this Indian was up to. We are sure you would be dying to know Sushil Kumar’s Workout and Diet Plan. Right? Well, the mystery unfolds!

Sushil Kumar Reveals His Workout and Diet Plan

Sushil’s day starts at 5 am and goes on till 12 noon. Surprisingly, he runs for 2-3 km in the morning which keeps him agile and increases endurance. This running has helped him keep a lean body no doubt, but packs a solid punch. Many of his opponents get fooled and he is able to win over them easily. Sushil says “diet no doubt is important but coaching is what makes me what I am today”.

Sushil’s Coach Guru Satpal was himself a Gold Medalist in 1982 Asian Games and Bronze medalist in 1974 Asian Games has full faith in his disciple. Though there are other wrestlers under this Guru, Sushil is his favourite. He says “even if I jokingly utter the word for 600 pushups, Sushil is the first one to step on it”. No wonder, this Guru pays maximum attention on his lad and showers praise in heaps.

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Sushil Kumar’s Clever and Tried & Tested Diet Plan

Why use the word “Clever”? Well, because if you see the diet chart, you find that it has proteins from major known sources. The diet has best sources for vitamins and other essential nutrients. Have a look what Sushil has daily which provide him bountiful energy!

  1. 400-450 grams almonds (plant based protein)
  2. Egg whites occasionally (animal based protein)
  3. 3-4 liters of milk and one bowl of white butter (dairy protein + fat)
  4. Whey Protein shakes with banana or other seasonal fruit (proven protein with fruit benefits)
  5. Sprouts, whole fruits, and dry fruits (best vitamin sources + some protein)
  6. 6 Paranthas with Ghee (clarified butter) at breakfast
  7. 4-5 rotis at lunch & dinner with two big bowls of thick Daal (another protein source)
  8. Some greens as salad accompanies his meals (good source for fiber)

Now you would understand how cleverly formulated his diet is. Bodybuilders need protein and for best results, you need a wholesome range of sources.

Sushil’s Calorie Target
Yes, the carefully formulated diet adds up to provide around 3,700 calories when he trains and the same drops to around 1,700 calories when he has his rest.  This is also the target just before any tournament too.

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Sushil Kumar’s Detailed Workouts

With all the diet, Sushil’s workouts are also strenuous and not mean by any standards. These workouts keep all of his body parts fit and ready to spring in action!

  1. Sprints 3-4
  2. Squats & Jumps – 200 – 250
  3. Rope Climbing – 100 – 125 climbs daily
  4. Sit ups – 200-250 daily
  5. Not to forget his daily running

Sushil’s Daily Schedule and Nourishment Time Table
Before running, he has a glass of vitamin enriched drink, waits for half an hour.

Half-liter of milk & dry fruits half an hour after running

Sushil roams around his playground for half an hour.

Pre-workout Drink: Whey Protein shakes

Intra-workout drink: Whey protein shake

Post-workout drink: Whey protein shakes with banana or another seasonal fruit like strawberry.

Breakfast Time

4-6 Paranthas with curd (Dahi) and a glass of Musambi/Orange Juice to wash down the food.

Post-breakfast (half an hour later)

Almond milk

Lunch (An hour later, remember muscles are made in the kitchen, and you are what you eat!)

4-5 rotis, thick bowl of daal, rice and vegetables

Some Free Time

He reads newspapers, listens to some favourite music and has discussions about his Akhara (wrestling ground)

Evening Practice Time from 6 to 8 pm

A glass of fruit juice

Before & after practice

Whey protein shakes


Same as Lunch


Almond milk

Sushil’s Routine on Rest Days

He goes on a cross-country running spree and occasionally opts for swimming but running is what he loves more. Swimming adds variety to his schedule and some extra exercise for his muscles. He loves watching his team mates and sometimes does fault finding too which results in some lighter moments.

Though his daily routine includes sufficient sleep, on his rest days, occasionally he sleeps for a few hours extra. This occurs when he has some new exercise or extended training sessions.

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Does Sushil totally avoid Sweets?

No, but he is not a foodie and is not attracted towards sweets. However, in winters he occasionally has Carrot Halwa made in Ghee and milk which has plentiful of almonds. Not only these dry fruits add flavor, but also mix in some healthy proteins.

What Sushil Pays Special Attention to!

Drinking 12-15 glasses of water daily is what Sushil pays special attention to. He knows that muscles need water to grow and finds every opportunity to drink.

Even vegetarians can make a chiseled body, provided you have your regular amount of proteins. Exercise, diet, water and sleep are compulsory ingredients and if you follow these religiously, even you can get that six-pack abs for sure. Keep junk food away and include healthy dietary foods and surely you will achieve your goal, just like Sushil Kumar has done.

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