5 Reasons Why You’re Not Burning Fat

Beginners often see this problem, that, even after seriously working out at the gym, following the diet plan right to the finer point, drinking enough water find Fat Not Burning Away. The culprit is NOT your diet or exercise, but the small mistakes you do during the whole day.

Why worry when we are here to guide you and show where you can be going wrong! Actually, these are very simple tips that will help you achieve the best weight loss figures. We will show you how to burn fat by avoiding the mistakes. So why wait? Let us go ahead.

1. Your Workouts are part of the exercise plan for the WHOLE DAY

We know, most beginners work out heavily at the gym, come home and spend the day on the sofa. Well, you should do your other activities, like:

  1. Walking to the bazaar
  2. Climbing staircases
  3. Do household chores
  4. Some light exercises like jumping etc.

The idea is, do not spend the whole day lying idly. Keep doing something the whole day. If nothing comes to mind, just do some stretching. This will help you take your next gym session a bit longer.

Weight loss and fat loss is a long term process. Attending the gym for one hour and if you think that’s all you could do, then the figures you yearned for won’t come easily!

2. You are picking the wrong machines at the GYM

Most try running on the cardio just because they have indicators telling how many calories you have burnt. To burn fat and see weight loss, weight lifting provides the best results. The more weight you lift, the better chances of burning your fat and ultimately losing weight.

Are you scared of weight lifting? Start with dumbles and after doing it for a week, make the switch. You will definitely see a marked difference.

Tip 1
Hire the trainer/instructor at the gym as they are experienced and suggest correct equipment for efficient fat burning. Looking at your body type, they will recommend which routines you should opt for.

Tip 2
Make whey protein a part of your daily meals. Not only it makes you feel full for long, you also reduce your carbohydrate intake, helping you in weight loss.

3. Change brings the results and routine does not

You took that great diet plan and within a few months saw good results. You believe continuing will get better results BUT it does not and you wonder why this was so!

When you started on that diet, your body adjusts its need to what you eat. In short, it switches itself from plentiful food to STARVATION MODE and spends energy conservatively.

Increase your carbohydrate intake so that your body sees more fuel arriving and again switches back and starts spending. Remember, this increase of carbs should be marginal (only 10% extra) and that too, on alternate days. Else, there is every chance you will indulge in heavy foods and all good work done will be wasted.

4. Inaccurate Measurements Spoil Your Show

A teaspoon of sugar weighs 5 grams. But what about a teaspoon of, say, peanut butter? Whether it is leveled or having a small mountain (because it is tasty, you tend to scoop the big dollop)? Within no time your calories increase even before you get alarmed. The same mistake can happen with your portions of food and you have almost done a U-turn on your weight loss efforts!

5. You have Depressed Your Body

Your body is literally fed up of living on reduced food and even you are reluctant to get off the table when family members are still eating! Well, this is an alarming situation and you should have a break.

Yes, we are serious about it. It is like climbing a hill where after some time, you are no longer interested. You sit down, relax, rejuvenate a bit and then start again.

Put off that diet plan for a week or 10 days. Eat normal food, get your mood back, let your body rejoice and then start off with double energy. You will surely see better results.

Weight loss, fat burning is a long process and you may reach a stage where no progress occurs. It is better to evaluate what went wrong, note them and start again after taking a break. Just continuing will not help. Moreover, exercising once is not enough, rather exercising should be part of your daily routine.

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