John Abraham Workout and Diet Plan

John Abraham, the one with killer looks started his career as a model and switched to Bollywood. Today he is one of the leading actors but his killing looks attracts individuals, irrespective of the gender. Married to Priya Runchal, he still looks dashing and young and everyone wants to know John Abraham workout and diet plan, and the recipe for his chiseled body.

John says, “it all depends on the disciplined life and daily trainings which I never miss, except that every Sunday I have my weekly off”. His commitment to fitness and healthy diet pickings makes him the role model everyone is after. If you too want to build like him, you should be after John Abraham diet, rest and exercising routine with full dedication.

John Abraham’s Body Structure

John is an ectomesomorph, that is, his body can easily fluctuate between lean and muscular. Broad shoulders, narrow waists and V shaped torso. Other known celebrities with similar bodies are Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Dwayne Wade respectively. It is amazing to note that in just about 8 month span, John transformed his body from a very lean to macho muscular and put body weight from 85 to 97 kilograms.

All men who aspire to be like him should note his efforts and diet too. If you are a man, no doubt you want to replicate his success, hoping you can also attract girls. Abraham’s six pack abs rules in everyone’s mind and drives mad. All girls drool for a person like John and we are sure, you are in the queue too. John Abraham’s physique is such which everyone wants to model after and there is nothing wrong in this thinking. After all, if men get this physique, India will surely shine in the world.

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John Abraham Workout Plan

Systematic gym workout schedule is what John follows every day. One big muscle by a small muscle workout is what he does. For example, he will work on his chest and triceps on the first day, followed by shoulder and biceps, then back/lat and then legs workout twice a week. Even his workouts are followed in a pattern, which has 4 sets with 12-14 reps each.

Every body part has 6-7 different variations so that they gel with other parts easily. After workouts, he walks briskly on the cardio. This is what the gurus say.

In the gurus opinion, to bulk up or build muscle size you need to lift weights and at the end proceed for cardio. After lifting weights when you run, the endurance build up is much better and satisfying.

Additionally, you should observe the following:

  1. One-day rest is compulsory.
  2. Eight hours of sleep is a must, and
  3. Drinking 10-20 glasses of water is something that should not be missed under any circumstances. Muscles need water to grow.
  4. Eat 5-6 meals daily to keep the metabolism at its top speed.

John Abraham Diet Plan

Muscles are made in the kitchen and John knows this by heart. His food choices are top notch because

obviously a physique like this can’t be attained without a proper diet and nutrition. John has 6-7 meals in a day to keep his metabolism fast. John Abraham diet is fantastic too! Look what he has chalked out for his tummy:

Meal 1: 8:00 AM Breakfast

4-5 egg whites, 1-2 sweet potatoes and Black Coffee/Green Tea

Variation: 8-10 grapes, some roasted peanuts

Meal 2: 10:30 AM Mid-morning meal

Whey proteins shake with some small fruit or milk or milk+water

Meal 3: 1 PM Lunch

Grilled fish, Roti with sprouts, daal, mixed vegetable sabzi, Greek Yoghurt (Dahi)

Meal 4: 4 PM Mid-day snack

4-5 egg whites, fruits, 1 slice bread and Green Tea/Black Coffee

Meal 5: 7 PM Pre-dinner

Whey Protein with milk

Meal 6: 10 PM Dinner

Boiled Fish, couple of slices of Brown Bread

Variation Cottage cheese

11 PM to 7 AM is his sleeping time.

Note that he starts his workout around 1 hour after breakfast, that is 9 AM and his mid-morning mealtime arrives around 10:30 AM when he has his Whey Protein shake and continues his workouts. There is sufficient time between his last exercise, cardio and lunch.

John rotates his fruits too and has everything from guava, watermelon, papaya, mango and the like. However, portions are controlled and he ensures, excess carbohydrates are avoided. Sometimes he likes to have a carrot/cauliflower at lunch. Otherwise, green salad is his favourite too. He ensures, fiber finds its way into his meals.

Sweet lime juice, pomegranate juice etc. do find their place at mid-day snacks and so do cornflakes/pasta/boiled or mashed potato for the variation.

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Planned effort always gives best results. Disciplined life has its benefits. Careful eating which includes all nutrients, all food forms is what our body likes and needs. A good athlete or a bodybuilder takes all precautions and ensures his timing is perfect.

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