Top 5 Indian Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Friends! We have a surprise for bodybuilders.

It is perfectly alright for vegetarians to go for bodybuilding and the best part is, you don’t need to eat meat for those bulging muscles. Today we show a list of 5 Indian vegetarian bodybuilders who have shocked the bodybuilding fraternity with their bodies.

Contrary to what most bodybuilders think and believe, it is a dedicated sport needing commitment, disciplined life and rightful diet that can give the results you are looking for. Even vegetables have protein, vitamins and essential amino acids that can get the bulges albeit you may need them in bigger quantities. To aid your process, dry fruits like almonds and peanuts hop in nicely allowing you to get the advantage without going the non-vegetarian way.

Huge Range of Options for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Milk has one of the best proteins and one can easily buy whey protein synthesized from milk. If you are not averse to eggs, the egg whites pack a punch of animal protein which is highly beneficial for building muscular body. Even lentils like chickpeas and other tasty options like quinoa and hemp fill you up with proteins, vitamins and many other nutrient goodies. Even dates have good protein content and their carbohydrate quantity provides sufficient energy for your exercises.

Top Indian Vegetarian Bodybuilders Who Made India Proud

Now that you know how you too can fulfill your ambitions in bodybuilding, we present the top 5 fully vegetarian bodybuilders.

1. Sushil Kumar

Let us start with Sushil Kumar who brought back individual Olympic medal in the 66 kg weight section. Friends, he does not eat eggs and yet got the medals surprising other meat eaters around the world. His protein sources are wonderful and include thick yoghurt, almonds and milk. Multivitamins are part of his routine which fills the voids left by the vegetarian diet.

Sushil Kumar feasts on fruit juices, seasonal vegetables and some sumptuous breakfast options like cornflakes, heavily-buttered toast and milk. He also has chappatis and lentils along with salad, which is not so different from what we all eat at home.

Well, if Sushil Kumar can do it, so can you!

2. Sangram Singh

This amazing wrestler was wheelchair bound in his childhood. Later he also suffered from arthritis yet his sheer grit & determination saw him rise to get the coveted wrestler award, the gold medal in 2006 Common Wealth Games in South Africa. Amazed by his performance, he was conferred as the World’s Best Professional Wrestler from professionals in South Africa.

Sangram Singh is proud of his diet, which constitutes of milk, curd, daal (lentils) and vegetables. He also gorges on almonds and the wonderful herb Ashwagandha which helps him improve his stamina and endurance. He regularly invests his time on yoga, running, cardio, dips and rope climbing.

3. Varinder Singh Ghuman

Currently the proud brand ambassador of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signature gyms and food supplements he on the Mr India title in 2009. What amazes us is that he started his career as a cricketer but later inclined towards bodybuilding. His steadfastness and strict daily regimen helped him to become the first Asian to get Arnold Classic Europe, the top international bodybuilding championship.

Varinder Singh Ghuman bets heavily on Colostrum, the first milk every mammal produces, post-pregnancy. This liquid has high proteins, growth hormones and many essential vitamins which allow healthy body to grow fast. As his father runs a dairy farm, he has easy access to colostrum. His other nutrients include almonds, curd, lentils and vegetables.

4. Hira Lal Dhillan

14 years after he quit eating meat, he won the prestigious Mr Universe Crown in 2011. This shows that meat is not so essential for bodybuilders as is the prevailing notion worldwide. Despite leaving meat out, Hira Lal put on 10 kg of weight and he is fond of his diet, which consists of soya beans and soya protein. The other protein variety included in his meals comes from lentils and micronutrients from the plentiful vegetables.

Hira Lal make sure to have enough amounts of Curd and Lassi is a must after each meal. He also relishes a big dollop of white butter on his chappatis. Seasonal fruits are also part of his daily routine and so are fruit juices.

5. K. V. Iyer

A pioneer in India and is credited for starting the bodybuilding trend in India. He was the physician to the Maharaja of Mysore and used his knowledge in picking the right foods essential for bodybuilding. He asked everyone to focus on Ragi, unpolished Red Rice, Fruits, Buttermilk and green leafy vegetables. He also advocated the use of milk protein and almonds and peanuts for increasing the protein content, necessary for bodybuilders.

Judicious use of milk, eggs and nuts helps all vegetarian bodybuilders achieve their cherished dream. But as mentioned above, bodybuilding is a systematic sport and demands total commitment towards it.

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