1200-1300 Calorie Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Do you know most Indian diets for weight loss fail in the first two weeks? We all start the plan with great energy and steely resolve but suddenly we lose interest because resisting the temptation to dishes like gulab jamun, rasgulla, aloo tikki is just a bit too much. However, a few strong-willed people do lose weight but have no clue how to carry on successfully. The fear of returning to the starting position haunts them too.

The Best Way for Indians to Arrive at the 1200-1300 Calorie Diet Plan

The secret sauce for fat burning is very easy to make. You eat calories in a planned way, which will boost your metabolism and in turn burn fat which results in weight loss. The 1200-1300 calorie Indian diet plan for weight loss works properly, provided you ONLY eat healthy foods. Obviously, gorging on junk food can never help and now you know how to lose weight. Instead, a well-balanced nutritious diet with all vitamins & nutrients, minerals, essential fats will help your body lose weight and make your skin supple and hair shine. It will also fill with energy and you will be roaring to go!

Why is this 1200-1300 calorie range magical?

Look, everybody is different and the diet for effective weight loss depends on factors like age, sex, metabolism, medical condition and activity level. The best way to find minimum calorie requirement for YOUR BODY is to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)Though the 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss is ideal, we cannot bind every person within that figure, hence the small adjustment of 100 calories.

Usually our bodies can survive within the 1200-1800 calories daily. You have calculated the minimum calories you need and when you feed your body less calories, it signals your brain to slow down the metabolism (so that the food you eat lasts longer) and your starts extracting energy from your muscles and preserve good fat.

Good Calories and Bad Calories

Calories are calories as most people think, but it is not so. For effective weight loss, calorie deficit is what works best. What we have to focus on is how many calories we ate and how many calories we burnt. When you want to maintain weight, all calories are equal however, when looking to maintain health, the source of calories makes a big difference.

Main Sources for Calories

Out of the three main sources for calories, we need to choose the best and discard the rest. The best sources for healthy calories in our list are:

  1. Fats
  2. Carbohydrates (the complex carbohydrates specifically are best)
  3. Proteins

Healthy Unsaturated FatsHealthy Unsaturated Fats:  Non-refined vegetable oils, Nuts, Seafood etc whereas unhealthy saturated fats list includes butter, cheese and red meats etc.

Healthy CarbohydratesHealthy Carbohydrates: Whole-wheat flour, beans, lentils legumes, fruits & vegetables which aid in weight loss whereas unhealthy items include sugar, white rice, cola, fruit juices (without their pulp) and baked goods respectively.

Healthy ProteinsHealthy Proteins: Though proteins are healthy, it is best to choose from natural sources like egg whites, whey protein, and low-fat dairy like cottage cheese (Paneer). Proteins are necessary for increasing the muscle mass.

Indian food is naturally oriented towards too much oil and fat. It is important to identify what are the good and bad calories you are getting from and only include the best & right foods for your 1200-1300 calorie Indian Diet Plan to make it healthy, balanced and successful.

The Best Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss of Your Own in the 1200-1300 Calories Diet Menu

You may have seen earlier that having a hearty meal makes you sleepy. Even your stomach sees this mountainous load and nearly faints. The best way to keep our stomach happy, and efficiently digest food is to have in smaller chunks.

For a good body structure, you should eat 6-7 meals per day instead of having 3 major meals. Frequent but short meals boost our metabolism, burn more calories and you get a beautiful, chiseled body, which everyone loves.

Do you believe in the above text?

Do we hear Yes?

Well, this is the basic idea in formulating the 1200-1300 Calorie Indian Diet Menu Plan.

Therefore, here is the game plan.

  1. Divide the minimum calories (you found out using the BMR we talked above) into 6-7 meals, wherein 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) of 325 calories each, which totals 975 calories. The balance should come from healthy snacks, drinks you can spread out for the whole day.
  2. Stick to healthy solids & liquids like some tasty whey protein shakes, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and cottage cheese. Remember to avoid starchy foods such as potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and white bread. If needed, you can include multivitamin supplements.

If late night food cravings disturb you, a slice of cottage cheese (Paneer) will definitely help you out. Not only you get healthy calories, you also get healthy protein and sleep peacefully.

If bored of cottage cheese, you can also try low fat Greek Yoghurt (Dahi) which adds variety and is tasty too.

Here is the Vegetarian Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss you were waiting for!

Here is the sampler plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Look what it includes and what is the portion size you should eat. This is just a broad layout and you may have to adjust a bit, but keep in mind the portions.

1. Just when you get up:

Lukewarm Water with Lemon 1 glass

Wait for at least 30 minutes and then you can have

Tea without Sugar + 2-3 Biscuits (preferably 2 biscuits only)                          100 Calories

2. Breakfast

2 Rotis/4 Brown Bread slices + 1/2 cup Paneer Curry                                        350 Calories


Sooji (Semolina) Upma 1 plate + Milk 1 cup                                                          330 Calories

3. Late Breakfast

1 Banana/1 Guava/2 cup Melon/                                                                               60 Calories

4. Lunch

Rice+daal khichdi 1 cup + Mix Veggies + Salad + Raita 1 bowl                      365 Calories

5. Early Evening

Butter Milk + Ginger 1 cup                                                                                           35 Calories

6. Dinner

2 Rotis/3 Brown Bread slices + Vegetable Soup 1 bowl + Salad 1 bowl      375 Calories

                TOTAL                                                                                                                   1565 – 1915 Calories

You may know about a few items like the green tea aids in weight loss. Drinking a few cups will bring in some variety and at the expense of zero calories, you can easily shed more fat and weight too.

Exercising like cardio always helps in weight loss. Resistance training does the same and every other type of exercise helps you in your goal.

Don’t starve and have your meals in order, at the proper time.

Diets can be tasty, nutritious and fulfilling but you need to identify the healthy ones, which have good calories. Adjusting your portions is the next important thing to note.

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