How to Reduce Thigh Fat

Hey, are you worried about the odd looking thighs? Do you feel the weight in your legs just does not match with the rest of your body? Worry not, as we give you the best guide to trim that excess fat. Reducing thigh fat is something not everyone talks about because there is no single exercise or food that can help you lose weight in your legs BUT we show you how it can be done.

Yes, you can do it too and see the results quickly if done the right way!

Are you ready to reduce your thigh fat? Then let us begin.

Inclined Cardio

Cardio ExercisesCardio is the best exercise for burning calories and everyone knows. With burnt calories the overall body fat also starts reducing gradually. Moreover the jumping or running action distributes the accumulated fat from your body and considerably faster results appear.

For variety you can even indulge in biking, running and rope skipping. If you fix a 60 minute schedule daily, the results appear damn fast. And you can see your toned legs within almost no time.

If you use the Cardio, use the option to increase the treadmill’s incline. Change the angle a bit everyday which will burn more calories in your session. You will also tire easily but you can improve this session if you arm yourself with a delicious fruit based whey protein shake. The fruit will give you carbohydrates and the protein will help you increase your endurance.

Climb The Stairs

Climb The StairsClimbing the stairs quickly, coming down and again climbing up in quick succession increases your heart beat and there will be a sudden spurt in calorie burning. The plus point is this exercise also tones and sculpts your outer and inner thighs, hamstrings, and butt making your legs look much leaner than before.

Running up a hilly terrain also works best because you are always on the ground, much stable than working on a cardio and you can always exert extra pressure. Running in natural surrounding also peps you up than working at a gym. For more exquisite results, you can also try lean muscle building supplements that not only tone your legs, but also improve overall muscularity.

Extra Benefit
When all this running continues burning excess calories, suddenly all the muscles which were hidden below the fat layer, start appearing. Isn’t that appealing to note?

Fuel your body properly

Never skip your first meal as it jumpstarts your metabolism helping you to reduce your overall body fat. Proteins help you build muscle and carbs give energy. A meal having the benefits of both should do wonders. If you are overweight you can try protein powders for weight loss that work in conjunction with your current exercise routine. Ensure you keep a gap of an hour before starting your cardio session. This will allow the energy level to build up and not keep your tummy heavy.

Snack regularly and do not stay hungry

High Energy Boosting SnacksSnacking every two hours will ensure you don’t overeat. In fact, it will be better if you replace one of your meals by consuming protein like cottage cheese or tofu. For variety you can also much a handful of almonds or roasted peanuts. Skipping meals mean reduced carbohydrates and this will be a much bigger step towards weight loss.

Keep a Journal and Congratulate Self Often

Research shows that maintaining a journal helps. This way you can measure your progress and when you praise yourself, it helps a lot. So make it a point to congratulate yourself and let your brain feel the benefit and the results will pop out much sooner than expected.

Note your progress when you have skipped meals and consumed proteins. Believe us, this is a proven process and it will urge you to do it more often.

Drink Water without fail

WaterMuscles need water and for toned legs, you need a daily dose of 10-12 glasses of water. When you perspire, water is lost and you would need replenishment. Post exercises; keep drinking mouthfuls of plain water.

Have Enough Sleep

Sleep Enhancer & Stress ReducerSleep recharges your drained batteries and you get fully freshened up for the next day’s grind. Sleep also helps to rebuild your damaged muscles from the protein supply.

What if you have it in your genes?

Well, look at your siblings and even if they all look same, exercising can change this a lot. Do not lose heart because every generation adds something to their bodily structure and if you are the one who takes initiative, will be the winner!

While working out make sure you get comfortable gym wear. You can check online for more women’s workout wear at Lorna Jane which has great deals and discounts for it.

Legs, thighs, buttocks, and nearby areas are slightly difficult to trim. However, cardio and uphill running are some proven exercises that help you lose fat and bring up the hidden muscles. Jumping, rope skipping are also helpful in this task. Adapt the one which you prefer and see the results appear quickly.

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