How to Lose Weight Fast & Quickly – Easy Tips

Why our tips work to lose weight fast & quickly? The tips are practical and very well gel into your daily routine. There are no magical pills, crash diets or special diets here. Our weight loss diet plan is based on scientific reasons. We provide better ways that help quickly lose weight.

Modern day lives indicate that there should be some good diets to tell how to lose weight fast. There are good diets and we will discuss them.

Let us see why conventional suggestions fail!

Why Conventional Diets Fail?

Problem 1 Eating less means less energy while working at office. How long can you continue?

Problem 2 Exercise more every day, but where is the time in the morning?

Problem 3 Crash diets mean no satisfying sleep at night. Will you be able to work normally the next day?

Problem 4 Counting calories mean always suspicious while eating. Even your brain will be confused and is busy figuring how to feed your body parts efficiently from what you eat!

The sad truth is that everyone gives up. Not all these suggestions work long term. The endless suffering wastes your time and you start blaming yourself, your willpower dies out.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Get ready for effortless weight loss. Get ready for tips that actually work for all.

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1. Don’t Believe on Manufacturer’s Label

Mostly it is to hide facts, kind of misleading to say the least.

Manufacturers know people are avoiding refined flours & sugar; hence, they try to confuse you. An example would help you understand.

Have you seen the texture of whole-wheat flour biscuits from local bakeries? You can easily identify them by a mile, isn’t it? Despite saying “Zero Maida” the biscuit texture from reputed manufacturers easily resembles their normal products. This means, that they are fooling you. These products prevent you from losing weight.

2. Stay Away from Maltodextrin & Corn Syrup

Basically, both are different words for Sugar or Simple Carbohydrates, the ones that prevent you from losing weight!

The bottom line? Help yourself and read the labels carefully. The manufacturers want your money and they go the extra mile to mislead.

3. Eat More Healthy Natural Fats

Natural products like Homemade Ghee (clarified butter) & Butter is good for your health. Manufacturers often plant fake research reports to dissuade you from using healthy products.

After underlining these essentials, let us see how you can lose weight easily. Yes, the emphasis is on the word “easily”, and without much fuss.

4. Eat Sufficient But Have Less Carbohydrates

Do not starve is your first mantra.

Eating less, meaning starving, leads to craving for more. Then you gobble whatever is available at hand and that includes unhealthy foods.

Carbohydrates entice you to eat more carbohydrates and as a result, you cannot lose weight. You should instead eat more protein, vegetables, eggs, lentils (Daal) and nuts. Round off your breakfast with a glass of whey protein shake instead of regular tea (with sugar added). This liquid protein will help you curb hunger for longer duration and there will be no craving.

The main advantage of the low carb diet is that they cause you to want to eat less.

BONUS: You burn around 250-300 calories without doing anything, if you eat fewer carbohydrates. Imagine the effect even if you do slight exercises (called weight loss exercises) like brisk walking, swimming or climbing the staircase. You will burn around 500 calories daily.

7,000 calories = 1kg of fat = 1cm of waist gone.

This means even with the above-mentioned strategy, you can easily lose ½ kg per week, that is, 2 kg per month. Ideally, if you avoid sugary tea/coffee in office you should burn even more.  Try it!

5. Move Around at Workplace to Burn Calories

Find excuses to leave your chair and move around frequently.

  1. Go to the shelf for whatever reason, pick some book or file and place it back.
  2. In your break, move down the staircase and climb again.
  3. After lunch, take a stroll.
  4. Drop some stationary and bend down to pick it up.
  5. Yawn as if feeling sleepy and stretch your arms and legs.
  6. Untie your shoe laces, move your leg out and in and again tie the laces.
  7. Get up and move to your colleague, don’t use the wheeled-chair to reach.

BONUS: Every movement helps burn extra calories.

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6. Eat Only When Hungry

Increase your fat content when going low on carbohydrates. Include 1 tablespoon of Ghee or 2 tablespoons of butter. Oil manufacturers projected the theory that fats are bad for health. Your body needs either Carbohydrates or Fat for energy. On low carbohydrate diet, your body uses fat for energy.

BONUS: Your body turns into a Fat Burning Machine. See how one benefit follows the other?

We tell you why this occurs: When you eat carbs, insulin is triggered which controls blood sugar levels. With low carbs, your levels of the fat storing hormone insulin are lowered. You will become a fat-burning machine. You will lose excess weight without hunger.

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7. Read Your Body Signs Correctly

Body needs warm water but it has no proper signals to send. Your brain might think you will drink tea/coffee and it will get something warm to digest the food efficiently.

Try drinking a cup of warm water. (After all, trial and error is essential for perfecting any theory)

BONUS: Warm water also helps melt inherent fat and other insoluble nutrients. With all pending nutrients digested, your hunger also disappears.

Water also helps you stop unnecessary snacking. This improves your metabolism and your stomach works more efficiently.

8. Eat Fruits Only As A Treat

Fruits contain natural sugar, but sugar indeed. Every fruit has 10-15% of sugar by weight and it slows down your fat burning. Fruits trigger hunger and you again start craving for more sugar.

Fruits are Nature’s Candy, have them only as a treat and not something you should eat daily.

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9. Sleep At Least 8 Hours

Sleep reduces stress. Stress is responsible for all bodily imbalances. It allows your body to forget worries and focus on improving body functions.

Chronic stress does increase levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. This can cause increased hunger and result in weight gain. Hormones often are the cause for many imbalances you never know.

BONUS: Sleep deprivation, comes hand in hand with sugar cravings. It also has an adverse effect on self-discipline and makes it painfully easy to give in to temptation. Mood swings also occur and then most situations go off hand.


The so-called Weight Loss Diets prescribed earlier were misconstrued. In today’s fast-paced world, they make no sense. More so because the tips we mentioned here had no place then. We are sure as you start working on our tips, results will come sooner than expected.

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