5 Ways to Choose Best Protein Powder for Building Muscle

Today we find Protein Powders lined up in most malls. These shops have suddenly mushroomed and so are the supplement manufacturers. Look up and you find hundreds of bottles in all shapes & sizes vying for your attention. You may also find the following in BOLD letters:

“Magical Formula”, “Proprietary Formula”, “Guaranteed Quick Results” “Quick Acting Formula” and what not.

Most seasoned bodybuilders know that without resistance training, you cannot expect “Results” and hence they know that all these descriptions are BOGUS. This also tells which product is “spurious” and which one is “real”.

The big question is how to choose best protein powder. The answer is very simple and we will show you by hand how to pick the right protein powder.

The Quick Guide To Choose Best Protein Powder for Building Muscle

1. Any Protein Powder/Only Whey Protein powder

(Beware; you are most vulnerable if you don’t know what you are looking for. Supplement manufacturers target confused people more because that’s where they earn the maximum because they put less Whey Protein which is costly with cheaper carbs)

There is a difference between pure Protein Powder and Mass Gainers:
Mass Gainers
(that increase weight) have a mix of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Though all three nutrients are required, do not pick this if you are looking for Protein Powder.

Mass gainers have small amounts of protein but excess amounts of Carbs & Fat and hence MORE CALORIES.

Every best protein powder has maximum protein, and may contain tiny amounts of

Fat & Carb up to 4 grams is permissible.

However, it should have at least 20-30 grams of protein.

2. Is it from a brand/company you never heard of OR from a well-known brand?

Many new companies jump into this business and claim superiority. You should be suspicious if the name neither appears seen earlier nor you see it associated with health products. On the contrary, many health supplement companies take time to settle down and get positive testimonials. Moreover, an established company can only survive because people purchase the products that really help.

You be the judge.

3. Pure Whey Protein or Mixture of Proteins?

Understand this: Whey protein is the costliest and manufacturers want to fool by adding other types of protein to make up the quantity. In our opinion, quality protein weighs more than total quantity of different proteins.

There are different proteins: pea, soya, hemp, potatoes, pasta, rice and nuts etc. But many of them do not contain “essential” proteins and they may not be readily digestible when compared to proteins found in milk, chicken, eggs, cheese and fish. Also they are much cheap in cost and hence manufacturers add them in big quantities and sometimes confuse newcomers.

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4. Whey Protein as Concentrate, Isolate or Hydrolysate?

No big difference there. Any will do. But if you have more money you can go for Isolate or for Hydrolysate for that matter but mind you, there is not much noticeable difference. In majority situations, even the cheaper Whey Protein Concentrate will give the same results.

If you look for marginally EXTRA performance then here it is.

Whey Protein Concentrate
This works better in-between meals as it is absorbed at a moderate pace. This pace will help you not feel bloated and is considered a good source of protein powder.

Whey Protein Isolate
This is effective when you consume it immediately after your resistance training to induce proteins and amino acids into the starved muscle cells. Also consider this variety if you are lactose intolerant (allergic to milk and milk products).

Whey Protein Hydrolysate
This is pre-digested variety so that it is almost immediately assimilated (digested) by your stomach. This is the most expensive variety and used for reasons common to the Isolate protein variety.

5. Be Wary of Product Packaging, Freebies or Deceptive Product Formulation

We don’t say new formulations are deceptive. But charging a hefty premium is never justified. Similarly be wary of colourful product packaging, having Proprietary Ingredients or mixes and nutrients whose names you just cannot remember reading anywhere.

Similarly, new entrants often bundle a freebie and try to lure unsuspecting (read new bodybuilding enthusiasts) customers. Stay away because you are in fact paying for the whey protein and not looking for the attractive freebie!

Sometimes well-known brands keep their packaging simple, do not over-advertise and keep a low profile. Loyal customers keep purchasing them and swear by their products.

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