Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Did you that despite whatever you throw to your body and you function normally, it means your metabolism is live and kicking. But many people question what metabolism is: well, feeding energy from whatever we eat to keep the physical and chemical processes going strong is what is meant by this term. The stronger our digestive system the quick it assimilates the food and converts into energy. There are many ways to naturally boost metabolism and we will see how to do it.

Benefits of Optimum Metabolism

Stronger metabolism, aids in weight loss because you will burn more calories. Good metabolism also helps you in maintaining energy and you will appear fit & fresh the whole day. If you regularly attend a gym, the regular energy supply can see you through your schedule easily. So now you know why having a healthy metabolic level is so important.

Note that you can’t control your metabolism, although it can be stimulated by exercising and having nutritious food.

The 6 Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Nutrition is the key ingredient for boosting metabolism. Essential nutrients do supply the calories and chemicals which our body cannot make on its own. Exercises pave the way for quick nutrition absorption as it generates a demand and our body works overtime to fulfill.

1. Drink Plain Water

Aerated drinks are loaded with calories and prevent your attempts at weight loss. Plain water speeds up metabolism and research shows that water increases your resting metabolism by almost 20-30% within the hour. Plain water also helps you to eat less and thus aid in weight loss, especially if you drink a glass of water before meals.

2. Eat Plentiful Protein

Normal food can give you a metabolism boost for just a few hours, but eat protein and you can help it stay elevated for longer periods. Protein rich foods work in tandem with your body and increase your metabolism by as well as around 25-35%. Moreover, protein introduces more satiety and you tend to eat less because it signals your brain about fullness, resulting in weight loss.

Drinking Protein is the Easiest Way Around!
Add plain water, whey protein and some milk plus a seasonal fruit and you have a tastier, healthier alternative to eating solid food which has plentiful protein. You can create your own whey protein shake from the full list of tasty and delicious whey protein shakes we have put up. Now you have the easiest and tastiest way for ingesting protein.

3. Exercise Well

Exercise invigorates all your body and the blood circulation improves a lot. High intensity exercises help you burn fat more efficiently and as a result, increases your metabolism. The best part is it stays that way, long after you have completed your workout schedule.

Very few people know that muscles depend a lot on metabolism and when you lift weights, this can up the metabolism process. When you start weight lifting, you not only build your muscles, but this increased bulk again improves metabolism.

Standing Helps better your Metabolism too!
Even if you have a desk job, standing and moving around every few minutes works wonders. Not only it relaxes your body from a stiff position, the process helps you burn calories and shed weight.

4. Green Tea aids Metabolism

Yes, drinking green tea increases your metabolism around 6% almost instantly. There are many varieties of green tea available in the market and you can choose any one. The antioxidants in green tea help convert the body fat stores in free fatty acids, helping your body burn fat by almost 15%.

It has been shown that drinking green tea can increase your metabolism by 4 to 5 percent instantly. The antioxidants present in green tea help in converting the fat stores in free fatty acids which lead to increased fat burning by almost 17%. There are many benefits green tea brings which may delight you more.

5. Spicy Foods Help A Lot

Eating chillies, which contain capsaicin help burn additional calories from your meals. This will especially be helpful if you eat protein, drink plain water, exercise and other tips given here in this article. Pepper also plays a good role in generating heat. If you are not used to eating spicy foods, start with small quantity and increase the amount gradually. Rest assured, you will never regret this step.

6. Sleep Well

Your body uses sleep to repair its injuries. With very less rest, your body just cannot refresh itself and lack of sleep means working overtime, day after day, resulting in health ailments. Your metabolism takes a dive and blood sugar levels increase, thus hampering your insulin resistance. Lack of sleep triggers the hunger hormone ghrelin and we tend to eat more, thus reducing the chances of effective weight loss.


Your body is a machine and it needs nutrition to feed body parts and exercise to keep it well oiled. Sleep is the repair laboratory and water helps generate a sweat. A healthy combination will ensure your metabolism which runs all these functions in good speed, in good spirits.

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