How Eggs Help to Boost Muscle Building?

Eggs have the healthy animal protein, which benefits bodybuilders for muscle building. In fact, you do need protein for the overall development of muscles and so eggs are best. Protein also helps keep you full for long which means you tend to eat less carbohydrates. Thus, you also maintain a lean body structure. In short eggs help you boost your muscle building and maintaining a lean body.

Should you eat the whole egg or just the whites?

Whole Egg vs Egg WhiteJust look at what one single egg comes with! The egg whites just contain half of 7 grams of protein and so, you should consume the whole egg for best results. The yolk contains some beneficial natural fat plus hordes of essential vitamins like A, D, E, K, B6, and B12. And this is not all as it also brings along calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc. Why leave these benefits by just consuming the egg whites? These vitamins maintain your flexibility which goes a long way into your resistance training.

How to get Full Nutrients from eggs?

Well, many think gulping an egg brings max benefit. WRONG. The egg gets its full protein level only after cooking because while the raw value of nutrition is almost half. It makes sense to boil your egg (half or full makes least difference). However, if you like the poached one or sunny-side-up the amount of protein is reduced considerably. Also, as you break the shell before cooking, oxidation damages the nutrients. For bodybuilding enthusiasts, the hard boiled egg is the best choice.

Which is Better for Breakfast: Animal Protein or Egg Protein?

Eggs have a hard shell, hence it is delivered in a protected way. When you cook an egg, the hard shell protects the contents and increases the nutritive value. Animal protein brings excessive quantities of saturated fat compared to the value in eggs and hence it is termed negative. Eggs have everything in a balanced and beneficial form for our body, especially for bodybuilders.

Eggs for breakfast is very healthy. Not only it gives an instant energy boost, the inherent 9 essential amino acids provide all the nutrition your muscles need and also help in their recovery. Consuming eggs before and after your resistance training feeds your muscles with quick digesting protein that your muscles need. This habit helps enhance performance in the gym, increases muscle recovery process, and promotes muscle synthesis, and is the ideal and delicious food for treating muscle aches.

Other Fascinating Health Benefits Eggs provide

Most bodybuilders are aware of the benefits of a high protein diet. Well, eggs also provide similar benefits. Consuming 3-4 eggs after workouts provide all goodies a good muscular body needs. But eggs have other fascinating health benefits too, which not everyone knows about.

Easy Weight Management

Improper choice of foods in breakfast lead to hunger pangs and overeating. The protein-rich eggs help control your hunger because the satiety level increases. This means you tend to eat less in your next meal and this surely controls your weight. A few weeks into this and you will be surprised to see how much weight loss has occurred.

For best weight loss, include whey protein in your meals so that they become a high protein diet. Whey protein is also another form of animal protein and keeps your hunger pangs miles apart. Bodybuilders can start their gym routine with whey protein and follow it up with eggs after finishing their workouts. This ensures that their tummy is light before exercising and can go a long way.

Eggs for Healthy Skin and Hair

For dull and damaged hair, eggs provide an easy & healthy way out. The proteins and essential vitamins help promote hair growth and also maintain them. For the beauty conscious, use raw egg whites as face pack which tightens the skin pores whereas when applied to scalp, it gives best conditioning and the results show in a few applications.

Eggs are the nature’s best food for all, especially for bodybuilders. They not only help build and repair muscles, provide essential amino acids our body lacks. Once cooked, they can be eaten either in whites only or whole and provide many benefits. Eggs also help you in weight management, healthy hair and flexible skin, but also helpful for diabetics because the protein content keeps the blood-sugar spikes away. Thanks to these inherent qualities, including eggs in your daily routine brings a big basket of goodies for everyone including athletes, bodybuilders and common people alike.

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