Top 5 Home Exercises for Weight Loss and Increase Energy

Some things happen for good and if you can’t find to attend a gym do not fret. We have got you covered with these top 5 easy exercises for weight loss that show results quickly. Your home is perfect for these exercises and if you have a table and chair, consider it a bonus.

Today, everyone is on a tight leash, as far as finding spare time or spending extra cash to attend a gym. Even if the gym is nearby, the to-and-fro task needs at least 20 minutes. Add to it the time-slot allotted and visiting regularly is difficult. Other than gym charges, you need to invest in basics like decent shoes and vests which slowly keep adding up.

Cheer up if any of the above fits you. You are not alone and this is the reason we got this guide to help you trim your tummy and lose weight in almost no time at all.


This guide will not only help you lose weight but also help to:

  1. Increase metabolism
  2. Target multiple muscles for the awesome feeling,
  3. Torch calories so that the tires around your tummy start to shrink, and
  4. Your old clothes now fit nicely and this happiness will show!

Are you ready to get slim trim like you were a few years ago? Let’s begin here and now.

Top 5 Easiest Home Exercises for Weight Loss

Though you can choose any time you like, empty stomach works best for effective weight loss. It gives you more flexibility and helps complete your reps.

#1 Initially you may find it difficult to exercise on empty stomach. Here, whey protein bars fill you with necessary energy without filling your tummy. You can even choose from the dozens of whey protein shakes that match your breakfast and give yummy, tasty options to choose from.

#2 If you are especially concerned about the ugly thighs, these tips can get you rid of thigh fat and the best part is, these work perfectly well with what you are going to learn today!

Exercise 1. Close-grip Push-ups that work great!

Keep your palms closer on the ground while you arrange yourself into the push-up position. The closer palms will also stimulate the triceps (bonus)! Now lower yourself down as per your capability. Do not try harder at the initial stage because as you practice it gets easier. Consider it a success even if you get down just a few inches.

You can rest for a minute or till you get your breath back.

Exercise 2. Mountain Climbing

Align yourself for a push-up position and then,

  1. Lift your one leg off the ground bring your knee towards your chest.
  2. Quickly take the leg back to starting position
  3. Repeat the movement with another leg and come back.
  4. Keep repeating till you are exhausted.

The more repetitions you do, the better. Do not overdo and mind your limits. Rest for a minute or two before hopping on the next exercise.

In one week you will see the difference!

Exercise 3. Decline Pushups using a Chair

This one is slightly difficult but an interesting one. Get hold of either a stool or a chair, which is at least 1 foot from the ground. First lie down on the floor and then put both feet on the chair or stool. Now you are ready to do the exercise.

Slowly start the push-ups and be careful all the way. Carry on only if you are comfortable and do not hurry, take your time. Count them and stop when you are tired. Try exceeding this count the next day and so on.

Exercise 4. Inverted Push Ups using a Table and a Chair

If you have a steady & sturdy table use it for this exercise. Get a chair and keep it away by your overall length. Place both your feet on this chair and lie down, bringing your head below the table. Now grip the table using your hands with your palms facing you. Pull your body up till your chest touches the table.


This is NOT an easy exercise but is very helpful for your middle back muscles. Do not overdo at any cost and slowly increase the reps. You should see some results within two weeks. Be persistent and within one month you should be please with your efforts.

Exercise 5. Squats that work best for Weight Loss

Squats are known for promoting weight loss, especially when you do them right, engaging your core and lower body. Just remember to keep your knees in line with your toes always.

Start standing with your arms at either sides (you can also carry weights if you so want)

  1. Pressing on your heels, begin lowering your legs while raising the arms in your front.
  2. Maintain a straight back and lower your thighs till they are parallel to the floor.
  3. Go back to the standing position
  4. Keep an even pace and complete as many reps as possible taking some time in-between.


Exercising at home has its own benefits. You save time on changing clothes, and avoid that unnecessary travel to and from the gym. Moreover, there is no one to watch how you go about it and this relaxes you further. We all know that exercising betters your body and if you can do this good work at home, it is a good reason altogether. It is better to find some reasons to exercise than not doing it. Congratulate yourself on this positive state of mind!

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