Top 5 High Protein Vegetarian Foods for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders don’t fret, there are dozens of high protein foods for vegetarians. For all your muscle building and fitness needs, we present some of the best proteins loaded with protein that not only offer you alternatives, but also give variety. Cheer up! As we give you foods that taste good and you will stop envying your non-vegetarian counterparts.0

Proteins are a must in every bodybuilder’s diet as they help your body in performing many functions. During workout and recovery, proteins are the ones that take care of your body like no other. Though some Gurus argue that for better muscular building, athletes should consume different types of protein.  Though this debate will never end, we urge you to focus on this list, which is available easily in the market and fulfills your protein requirements easily.

5 Easily Available High Protein Vegetarian Foods

We start with foods which have recently entered the market. It packs in high amounts of protein and when cooked it tastes great. Moreover, you can create many different types of dishes with it and each will taste delicious and yummy too. So why wait?

1. Quinoa

QuinoaFree from gluten (present in Wheat) this is the newest in the market. It looks like a seed and along with its high protein content, has copious amounts of magnesium, antioxidants, unsaturated fats, potassium and yes, fiber which helps in digesting it slowly.

How to Cook Quinoa?
It is very easy. Just like you boil rice, with an extra step.

  1. Rinse the quinoa seeds under running water which removes its bitter flavour.
  2. Put it in a vessel with twice the amount of water and add a teaspoon or two of salt.
  3. Allow it to boil, reduce heat till the liquid is absorbed!
  4. Now it is ready to add to your dishes!

Add it to soups, salads or even cook like Poha or Upma. You can also have it as breakfast with milk & banana. If you need extra protein helping sprinkle a tablespoon of flavoured whey protein,for an hour and then you can attend your gym session.

2. Chickpeas (Chole) or Lentils (Daal)


For easy fat loss, Lentils or Chickpeas work better. One cup of boiled lentils/chickpea bring generous proteins equal to around 3 eggs and negligible fat. The high fiber content comes as a boon because this food digests slowly whereby you feel fuller for long periods.

You can easily add your spices to spruce them up but remember to eat slowly, enjoying their taste. For more fiber and nutrients, you can easily add raw onion, garlic, tomato or potato as well. This adds a dash of colour and becomes more appealing to your taste buds.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin SeedsYes, yes … we know you are surprised!

You seldom see anyone using these seeds as mostly they are discarded. But they are one of the healthiest sources of Protein & Iron. Just peel and munch them and within minutes you see their effect. Have a handful and your tummy will send the feeling of being full.

You can also munch their dried form that become crunchy. No need to crush them before adding to any salad or other recipe.

These humble pumpkin seeds provide a hefty 8 grams of protein in just one-fourth cup. Among the plenty of health benefits these seeds bring along, they are diabetes friendly, have anti-inflammatory properties and are great for prostrate health.

4. Spinach

SpinachForget Popeye who made eating Spinach popular among kids, even you can benefit from the green leaves that bring plenty of iron and pack around 5 grams of protein in just one cup. Even raw Spinach tastes great in a salad of sprouts. Add a few onion rings and you will simply munch your breakfast away.

Spinach soup is easy to make. Simply steam it, crush in a blender and add it to lentil soup (Daal). Adjust the seasoning and your yummy soup is ready.

5. Beans (including soybeans)

BeansRoam around in a vegetable market and you will find different varieties of beans. Believe us, each one of them not only tastes attractively different, have similar amount of protein packed within. Steam them and now you can add to your sandwiches, salads or even Subzi. A cup of beans carries a healthy amount of over 20 grams of high quality protein. Besides protein, these innocent looking beans pack a punch of many nutrients that help all athletes and bodybuilders.


There are hundreds of foods, many of them unexplored yet, available for vegetarians and vegans. If you allow Mushrooms within the vegetarian definition, even they contain big amounts of proteins. Focus on your benefit and start eating these foods and your body will praise you for providing nutrients unavailable so far. And if it needs just trying some newer foods, then why not?

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