5 Healthy High Energy-Boosting Snacks

North India loves Tea.

South India loves coffee.

But is it good?

Bed tea/coffee is okay; it refreshes you and helps to start your daily routine quickly.

But what about having it at breakfast, after arriving at office, before lunch, after lunch, mid day, your evening cuppa … Ever imagined you drank 6 cups after bed-tea? It is too bad.

We tell you why it is so.

Drinking tea or coffee to ward off tiredness never fixes the root cause. Initially you may feel good but later on, it does nothing, you drink as routine and it damages your hormonal system.

Too much tea or coffee increases stress hormones, e.g. cortisol which enhances tiredness rather than eliminating it.

The Real Solution to Keep Yourself Refreshed

Eat energy boosting foods that supply you with a fresh stream of vital nutrients that will revitalize your body and mind. In other words,

  1. Bed tea is okay
  2. Tea after reaching office is allowed

But later whenever you feel sluggish, instead of reaching out to get tea/coffee, try these 5 nutritious snacks to boost your sagging energy resources!

5 High Energy Boosting Snacks

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolatePower packed with mood booster and immunity boosting nutrients, which include theobromine & Tryptophan and a variety of flavonoids that turn your endorphin production. The combined effect enhances your mind power and boosts blood flow to key brain areas for 3 hours. Dark chocolate has the ability to neutralize dangerous free radicals too.

Choose the darker variety, which has more cocoa and less sugar. Compare different brands so that you can get the variety, which is a bit more palatable because without sugar it may be bitter to taste. Find the balanced product and you are good to go.

2. Brown Bread with Peanut Butter

Brown Bread with Peanut ButterFoods that contain whole grains are absorbed much slower and give you long lasting energy boost because of complex carbohydrates and fiber. Peanut butter is high in healthy monounsaturated fats, offers the perfect amount and form of calories to give you long-lasting energy for all daily activities.

Complex carbohydrates are beneficial because they are some of the best natural energy boosters out there that can fill you up without making you sluggish. Fiber is a crucial nutrient for a healthy metabolism that slows the digestion process even further.

The Easy Way Out
Add 2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter to your slices of brown bread is the simplest way for an energy-boosting snack. This butter packs 7 grams protein, 3 mg of Vitamin E, 49 mg of Magnesium and small but meaningful amounts of zinc, Vitamin B6, potassium and other minerals. Compare these benefits and make sure you make it a part of your snack.

3. Beans

BeansIndians should consider themselves lucky to have so many varieties of beans available. They offer a beautiful combination of protein and complex carbohydrates and should form part of their daily menu. The exceptionally high amount of fiber promotes a slow and steady rise and fall in blood glucose levels which is exactly what you need to keep tiredness at bay.

Packed with iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and B Vitamins, which enhance your metabolism and support your heart & brain together. Each variety you find in markets differs in taste but more or less contain all the benefits mentioned above.

The Easy Way Out
Put beans in your salad after lightly steaming, or add to your soups or puree them for an energetic dip. Either way you will find they fill your stomach and keep lethargy at bay.

4. Nuts

NutsWell, almost everyone knows how satiating these nuts are. They can really be called an energy-boosting portable snack for sure. Research says they are an excellent source of plant-based protein and healthy fats for protecting your heart; they also hide minerals like manganese, copper and phosphorus. Nuts like peanuts, almond, cashews contain magnesium and fiber, which is beneficial. Almonds have great amounts of Vitamin B2, which is unique among the B Vitamins which your body can convert food into fuel.

Walnuts have an amazing content of omega-3 fatty acid, which fights heart disease.

The Easy Way Out
Almonds are best eaten either raw or soaked overnight and with their skin removed. The ingredients in skin sometimes prevent nutrients from reaching your body. Keep a handful always within reach so that you can chew and get an instant energy boost!

5. Oats

OatsThanks to its low-glycemic index and high fiber, eating oats is a healthy way to start your day. Your body takes some to digest, absorb and metabolize it, eating oats can keep you going strong long after you snack on them. Their inherent B vitamins like Niacin, Thiamine and Folate work together and help your body metabolize energy much better.

The Easy Way Out
Add some peanuts or almonds and some veggies like cucumber, onion to make it a delicious food. The nuts provide some protein and vitamins, cucumber fill your tummy and the water content satiates you for long.

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  1. Shilpi Dutta says

    Indeed a list of great items for energy. Tea coffee in moderate quantity is ok. But the same on empty stomach can cause acidity and heartburn. One can replace it with green tea or herbal tea or add milk to coffee. Good compilation in the post.

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