5 Effective Ways to Burn More Fat Daily

True: burning more calories than you eat still works today. But you can burn more fat daily by doing these things differently:

  1. Choosing which foods to eat, and
  2. Finding the appropriate time to eat them.


  1. Which supplements do you consume, and
  2. Timing your supplement intake


  1. Which exercises you do, and
  2. Doing the right exercise at the right time.

See? These are important points smart people have noted and by experience, have found out the correct answers too. And the best part? They managed to burn more calories, more fat and now have a body they are too pleased to show about!

Right now, we show you how to choose the right foods and when to eat them.

1. Eat Fibre Rich Foods for Better Fat Loss

Fibre is of two types: Soluble & Insoluble. Both have tremendous positives associated and eating fibre rich foods accelerates your fat loss efforts.

  1. Fibre traps your calories and not allow them to be absorbed.
  2. Fibre helps you feel more full though you have consumed lesser calories. (BTW, this process also releases more fat)

Start your meals with fibrous veggies like spinach, broccoli, carrot or even cauliflower. Not only your brain sees the portions and satisfies itself, that you are having huge meal. Your tummy feels full early and you can easily avoid stuffing carbohydrate rich items.

Veggies also have huge water content and you can easily avoid drinking water more often during your meals, so less feeling of being bloated.

Try This

Sprinkle Psyllium Husk (tasteless & odourless) on your salads, veggies or even your soups. It does not alter the taste, but swells by absorbing the liquids and it benefits in two ways:

  1. Brings the tummy full indication early, and
  2. Help clean bowels, as they turn slippery after swelling

This trick helps almost everyone who has tried. And it is the reason why it has been placed at the top.

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2. Intermittent Fasting Works Wonders

Fasting is difficult for many people. The best way is to identify a time-frame, where you will eat and when you won’t. For example, if your target is 1500 calories, consume only two-thirds in the morning, and then follow it up with foods without calories or sparse calories for the remaining day.

Foods without calories could be veggies (you can choose any, except those having carbs like carrots, beetroot etc. which spike the insulin).

Each and every body reacts differently to this zero-calorie food. If you belong here, supplement your food with slow-digesting foods like Whey Protein, Casein Protein and other protein rich foods like Cottage Cheese and Tofu.

Always include an exercising regimen within this period of having zero-calorie food. Once you are done, you can have a slow-digesting protein snack like Protein Bars that provide nourishment and maintain energy level.

3. BCAAs Help You with Quick Weight Loss

When you exercise while in the zero-carb session, you definitely want to avoid breaking your muscles, which happens when your body turns to them for energy. It breaks these muscles into components of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which are Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine.

Supplementing yourself with BCAA, you not only prevent the above, but also boost your metabolism which helps you with weight loss and fat loss.

4. Let Carnitine Boost Your Weight Loss Options

Not many people know about this wonderful but non-essential amino acid which is synthesized in our liver & kidneys from two other amino acids: Lysine & Methionine. Carnitine promotes fat burning & muscle building, both. Actually, it helps transport fatty acids into your cells to be used as energy, thus helping burn fat released from storage.

Before & after exercising, if you consume 1.5 grams of L-Carnitine, it will not only enhance fat loss, but also assist in muscle recovery from lifting weights. It is an ideal supplement for those who do weight training.

5. Allow Your Body Some Late Night Nutrition

Many people who indulge in intermittent fasting, complain of their inability to sleep peacefully at night. Here, slow-digesting proteins like thick yoghurt (curd) or cottage cheese can be a smart choice.

The fats and fibre in both, yoghurt and cottage cheese will slow down digestion and the slow digesting protein will nourish your body while you sleep and the tummy full property will get you the well-deserved sleep.

The steady release of nutrients protects your muscle tissues from catabolism (breakdown) when you sleep.

A good night sleep ensures your bodily functions work at their optimum best and also aid in weight loss.


Supplements like L-Carnitine, BCAA, Casein protein, whey protein, yoghurt and cottage cheese can help your body lose fat and keep nourishing it when needed. Keep alternating between these and soon you will find what works best for your body and assures a good weight loss technique.

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  1. Tyler Read says

    I have never tried a fast to assist with burning fat but I will definitely add that to my routine. It is amazing that the simplest of habits can aid in our fitness journey. A well written article.

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