8 Benefits of Casein Protein Powder

Isn’t Whey Protein best for gaining muscle while working out in the gym?

We know many people are confused looking at this title. The answer is a big NO. In fact, Casein Protein Benefits are huge and responsible for Muscle Gain and Maximizing Workouts. We clear the confusion right now. Please read this patiently.

Contrary to popular belief, muscles are not built in the gym. While you are working out, your muscles are actually being torn down. Heavier weight or resistance to our body means more damage to our muscles. Normally we drink a whey protein shake and it works fast because whey protein digests quickly and provides the necessary nutrition to the injured muscle tissues. Within 30 minutes of working out, our muscles begin to use available protein to rebuild tissue. So far so good and you stop exercising and return to your normal work.

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Now let us see what casein protein is and why we say it is the best for bodybuilders. This should be a revelation for many.

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What is Casein Protein and How It Benefits Bodybuilders

Well, casein protein is the insoluble part of milk whereas whey is the soluble part. This is the sole reason why whey acts quickly and ends quickly whereas casein protein digests slowly, and works for a longer period, which is highly beneficial for bodybuilders.

Casein forms a gel-like substance in our stomach and lasts long, digesting slowly that is jam packed with all the amino acids needed by the body. Caseins are phosphorus proteins and make up approximately 80 % of the protein in milk, and that ensures the slow and steady flow of protein that can last for hours. This makes casein a great supplement to take before bedtime when you will spend a lot of your time asleep and fasting. Health benefits of casein protein at night are tremendous and most athletes swear by the results they get.

This means even a small quantity of casein protein benefits for way long periods.

Now let us see in detail what are the health benefits of casein protein many don’t know about. We are sure many would be surprised and raise their eyebrows.

Casein Protein Benefits That’ll Keep You Up at Night

1. Greater Satiety

Research showed that those who had some casein before bed had a higher metabolic rate throughout the night and had increased satiety levels. Simply said it helps you avoid nighttime hunger pangs.

2. Good and Uninterrupted Sleep

Muscles are built when you have a sound and uninterrupted sleep. When you don’t get hunger pangs, you tend to sleep nicely without any hindrance. This is the time when casein protein works without any interference and your muscle rebuilding process gets uplift.

3. Great for Quick Fat Loss and Strength

Some police officers, placed in a dietary program lost more body fat when consumed casein protein and had positive differences in body strength.

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4. Muscle Growth

Casein is a muscle-sparing protein, which means it is released into body’s bloodstream at slow & steady speeds.  Although casein has a minimal effect on actual protein synthesis in the body, it does play a great role in reducing muscle breakdown. Taking casein at night will help you to promote muscle growth. This is because to achieve muscle growth, there needs to be a balance between muscle breakdown and protein synthesis.

When you want to add some lean muscle mass to your physique, it is crucial to both increase muscle protein synthesis and reduce the protein breakdown.

5. Clean Bowels Everyday

There is another very important benefit of casein protein powder: it helps promote colon health. Research shows that since casein forms a gel in your tummy, this itself binds all available food particles and thrown out of your intestines nicely. Clean bowels mean healthy stomach and good metabolism too. This should be a good reason to consider having casein protein daily.

6. Anti-bacterial and Immunity Benefits

Research shows that casein protein reduces blood pressure and provides anti-bacterial and immunity benefits too. This is a huge benefit and should be considered at all costs. As you age some problems like blood pressure come up and if you can tackle it using natural products like casein protein then why not?

7. Reduction in Triglyceride Levels & Free Radicals

A research, which involved overweight individuals and fed casein protein for a period of three weeks showed some great results. The analysis revealed that their triglyceride levels reduced 22% after meals, which is good news. Further, it stated that casein protein powder has antioxidant effects and fought against buildup of harmful free radicals.

8. Great Dental Protection

Casein proteins have the potential to prevent the effects of enamel erosion is something which affects our lives heavily. This is more if you drink many fruit juices. The research said that adding casein protein benefits immensely and surely works to protect our teeth.

For maximizing workouts, athletes should consume casein protein more than anything else. A good sleep ensures casein protein gets plenty of time to release the amino acids and repair & rebuild the muscles and you are ready for the workout with extra muscles. We believe, there will be no more confusion on this issue of why casein protein is useful for muscle gain and maximizing workouts!

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