15 Most Important Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

Are you new to bodybuilding? Do not worry!

We will guide you through all the essentials, one by one, so that you gain all the bodybuilding tips for beginners, needed to succeed, and that too, in the most simple words.

Look, starting a new activity can be scary, and that is normal. It happens with everyone. This is the reason you should know some basics, so that with every step you gain more confidence.

Let us start then.

15 Best Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners


Do not expect huge improvements overnight or even in a fortnight. Patience is the key here in bodybuilding. Your muscles will grow slowly, provided you stick to your workouts and diet AND the results will definitely show!

With this important announcement, we proceed to the muscle building tips.

1. Stick to Dumbbells and Barbells

When you enter the gym for the first time, overlook the fancy machines. Dumbbells and Barbells are the best for a bodybuilding beginner when it comes to building muscles.

If your instructor advises against, tell politely you want to stick to this routine and he should guide on this only. This will indirectly show that you have some basic info and he will admire for sure.

2. Compound Movements are Best for Beginners

Stick to basic movements like squat, the deadlift, the barbell bench press and military shoulder press. Compound exercises are those that involve more than one muscle group. For example, a bench press is a multi-joint exercise because both the shoulder and elbow joints are working to execute the movement.

3. Stick to one Routine and not run here and there

When you enter the gym you should know what exactly you will be doing today. You just cannot go there and do whatever you feel like. Either ask your personal trainer or an advanced bodybuilder for a muscle building plan which include the exact exercises, the number of sets and the number of repetitions (reps).

4. Train Every Alternate Day

Contrary to what your instructor may say, you should know this beforehand.

Train no more than 4 days per week, say Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you feel like, just attend the gym for cardio on your rest days but no exercises.

A beginner does not need to train more often and rest is equally important.

5. Get Safety Belt for Lower Back Protection

Before using big weights, use a safety belt to protect your lower back. Today you may not have back problem, but you never know, a small jerk may create all sorts of problems.

6. Start Eating More Protein

Protein is the most essential nutrition when it comes to building muscles. It is found in chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products and some nuts and vegetables. Most experts recommend at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight for the best results. If consuming enough protein each day becomes difficult, add a protein shake as well. Whey Protein is the best because it contains many essential nutrients you can find amongst many other protein sources.

7. Make Max use of the gym and Train Each Muscle Group Every Week

There are many muscle groups like:

The Biceps

The Triceps

The Chest

The Abdominals …

You should work each muscle group at least once every week. Try one group on Monday and Thursday, the other group on Wednesday and Saturday and so on.

Remember that working for too many days in the gym will not help you get bigger too soon.

8. It is best to learn the Correct Form of Each Exercise

As a beginner you may be tempted to increase your lift, but it is better to start with lower weights and gradually increase them. Also, learn the right form of each exercise only then you get best results.

9. Gradually Increase your Weights

Stick to the same weights for 2 weeks and increase periodically thereafter. Keep track of how much you lift on each exercise keep noting them in a logbook. This will increase your strength and will lead to muscle gains.

10. Say NO to Junk Food

Bodybuilders need muscles and not fat. The diet tips for gym beginners recommend – Consume healthy foods like whole wheat flour, fruits, healthy fats like ghee, sprouts, lentils (daal), Eggs, Chicken etc. Keep away from sweets, Cola, noodles.

11. Drink More Water

Muscles are made up of water and you need to drink at least 10-15 glasses of water daily.

12. Muscles are made in the Kitchen

Increase your food intake and eat every 3-4 hours. Avoid being hungry. When you lift weights, your body needs more food and you should eat more.

13. Sleep at least 8-10 hours

Bodybuilding needs discipline. Sleep at least 8-10 hours and you should be refreshed and feel energetic before attending to the gym.

14. Do not attend gym on empty stomach

Have at least one banana and some Greek Yoghurt (Dahi) an hour before you hit the gym. You can also prepare a tasty and delicious whey protein shake and sip before, between workouts and after workouts. As mentioned above, whey protein contains umpteen benefits which help bodybuilders build muscles.

15. Cardio should be done at the end

Cardio is useful for increasing your endurance. All your energy should always be spent on lifting weights and after you are done, wait for a few minutes and then step on the running machine.

Bodybuilding beginners should be cautious in the approach. Rushing never helps and these tips will go a long way telling how to proceed to get a chiseled and muscular body.

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