5 Best Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

Yoga is formulated for everything that is best for Weight Loss and overall body composition. Yoga is the perfect exercise for mind & body and has existed since 2000 BC and practiced all over India and most foreign countries. If practiced regularly the yogic postures works great for Weight Loss. Yoga for weight loss is the real mantra.

Yoga should be practiced on empty stomach, especially in the morning, if you believe in the scriptures. Indulge in small warmup exercises like jumping and stretching and you are ready to go. On empty stomach, especially if you have cleared your bowels, works best. Not only you can efficiently burn calories faster, the flexibility of working on an empty stomach helps you perform most of the postures.

Best Part of Yoga for Weight Loss

No need to pay for expensive gym in the first place. The best part of yoga for weight loss is that you also keep body flexibility when you are training all your body muscles. The yoga postures make sure all your body parts get full attention and this helps in trimming body fat and make you appear slim and trim and in good shape.

Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Guaranteed Weight Loss

Compared to yoga, there is nothing which equals the results this simplest of all postures bring along. For weight loss, you can depend on yoga and hence we bring you some poses that help you all the way. Why wait, simply go through these poses and experience how a new wave of energy flows within your body.

1. Tadasana

This is  the simplest of all postures. Simply stand on your legs and raise your hands as if trying to reach the sky! Try to extend your hands as high as possible and then in the process stand on your toes stretching your heels upwards. In other words, you will be standing on your fingers. The more you stretch the greater benefits will reach to your arms & legs. Stand for a few seconds, lower down to the starting position and then reach for the stars again. 10-12 times constitutes one rep.

2. Bhujangasana (head position of a snake)

This Cobra Pose improves digestion and metabolism like no other. In addition to this, bhujangasana helps you lose fat from lower back as well. Simply lie down on your stomach and raise your head and take it back as far as it is possible. This movement also improves your thyroid gland and increases the flexibility of your spine. When done regularly, helps you to get the “V” shape for your chest and cuts flab if any on your stomach. You can repeat this posture 10-12 times after having a gap of few seconds.

3. Dhanurasana (Bow Posture)

Best for reducing body flab, especially from your tummy and nearby areas. It also helps in toning your legs, arms and abdomen and the stretched position tones the abdominal muscles and loosens the fat too. Once you have reached the pose, you can easily roll on your stomach so that there is more stretching of your muscles. Repeat this posture from starting position of simply lying down around 6-8 times and you can remain still for 8-10 seconds at a stretch.

4. Ushtrasana (Camel Posture)

It is the best pose for stretching all your body including hips, thighs and all of your upper body. This posture not only loosens your fat from stomach, hips but also improves your facial muscles. For more benefits, try stretching as far as you can (but do not do it on the first day itself). After returning to starting position, you can repeat it no more than 4-5 times after taking a few seconds pause.

5. Pawanmuktasana (Relieving your tummy of gases [wind] asana)

This one helps relief from poor digestion and bloating. By eliminating all gaseous materials, you help your body to then keep up on the good work of digestion. This posture massages the intestines, stomach and other internal organs of the digestive tract which in turn releases trapped air. This asana also strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps reduce fat in thigh, buttocks and the abdomen.

Yoga helps increase body flexibility and also all the muscles, veins and internal organs get the benefits of these asanas. The stress and strain helps you loosen the fat which is accumulated on different body parts and slowly but steadily this fat starts dissolving and thereby giving your body a fat free structure. For weight loss, Yoga is a boon and when you have something special for free, then why not go with yoga for weight loss!

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