Top 5 Best Workouts for Upper Body Strength

Nothing serves as a greater happiness than watching yourself grow. Whether on the personal or professional front, growth plays a very important role in keeping a person happy and mentally stable. Apart from this, watching yourself grow physically is also a key factor that keeps you happy. In fact, physical fitness and growth is a scientifically proven stress buster for a man’s health.

Physical growth include an overall fitness that is obtained by physical training or strength training. A number of people have varied notions and opinions about the concept of strength training. Some call it weight lifting while others believe it to be resistance training. But as a matter of fact, strength training involves body weight exercises, machines, bands, weighted equipment and various other modes of training for a perfect and overall fitness.

The role of upper body strength is considered to be the most important in maintaining the overall body strength (for obvious reasons). Thus, if you have decided to gain the perfect body shape and are looking forward to working on a complete upper body strength program, following workout exercises would help you out in achieving the same.

Below mentioned are the five best workouts for upper body strength.

1. Pushup

The most effective exercise for an amazing upper body strength is nothing but pushups. In fact, pushups are considered to be the best exercise for overall fitness of your body. You need not necessarily visit your gym to perform pushups under the inspection of your trainer. Once you are well-acquainted with the form, you can perform this exercise for yourself. The trick is easy. All you are required to do is to place your hands on the floor such that they are slightly wider than the width of the shoulder. Extend your legs and brace the core such that you lower your body until your chest is right above the floor. Hold the position for two seconds and press back up. You must remember to keep your back up throughout the movement to perform this workout in the most perfect form. Pushups are a great way using which you can achieve an awesome upper body strength.

2. Bench Press

Bench press is yet another exercise for the overall strength in your upper body. The main areas where this exercise shows quick results include your biceps as well as chest. Bench press is easy to perform. You are required to lie on a flat bench. Grasp the bar wider than the width of your shoulder. Now, all you are required to do is to lower the bar on to your chest while keeping your abs and glutes tight. Your elbows must be tucked and your back should be arched. When the bar touches your body, you must drive your feet on to the floor in order to press the bar up. Repeat and adjust the weights according to your own strength.

3. Overhead Press

Overhead press is also considered to be one amazing workout using which you can strengthen your upper body and remain fitter and stronger. Set up the bar in a position of squat rack or cage and hold it outside the width of your shoulder. Now, take the bar off the rack and hold it at the level of your shoulder, keeping your forearms slightly vertical. Squeeze the bar and start bracing your abs. Now, press the bar overhead thereby pushing your head forward and making your traps shrugged as the bar passed through your face.

4. Bentover Row

Bentover row improves your posture and is considered to be an efficient back workout. This exercise is easy to perform. Grasp the dumbbells or bar using an overhand grip and try to bend forward such that your torso is parallel to the floor. Now, squeeze the blades of your shoulder together and row the weight towards your neck. This exercise is considered to be different than a barbell row and thus you must make sure to use less weights initially.

5. Pullup

Pullup or chinup is slightly difficult to perform. Grab the bar at the width of your shoulder and grip it in a position that your palms face you. Keep your core tight and pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. Try not to make the use of your momentum in order to get the chin over the bar.

All these exercises not only help you to build a perfect upper body strength, but the same help you to boost the testosterone level in you and thus keep you fit, inside out.

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