10 Best Weight Gainers in India

What are the best weight gainers available in Indian market?

Today we see two types of people in the bodybuilding market: one who wants to put on weight and looking for weight gainers/mass gainers and others who want to get six-pack abs. But like the former the latter also wants some volume so that their muscles can be flexed and they can roam around proudly, with their chiseled bodies.

People from both the above categories keep asking questions about best weight gainers and mass building supplements. Weight gaining is easy with a good quality whey protein, complex carbohydrates and fats. The best part is that weight gainers can be consumed any time of the day and can also serve as meal replacements. The “meal replacement” definitely works positively, because of the “mental” satisfaction of eating something which is scientifically designed.

What are the Weight Gainers made up of?

The latest weight gainers for 2018 are mostly made up of oat flour & powder and maltodextrin and are better eaten between meals because of their slower digestion rate. However, if you are looking for a post-workout weight gainer then they mainly contain waxy maize, dextrose or maltodextrin and this combo works better because it will have an impressive impact on insulin levels and rapidly replenish the depleting levels of glycogen.

Top 10 Best Weight Gainers in India 2018

To help our Indian bodybuilders, we have compiled a list of 10 toppers among the weight gainers. These products have a proven track record for helping skinny people gaining substantial weight. The best part is they will neither disturb your tummy, nor put cramps nor gastric trouble too. Instead, they provide the best nutrition with the best possible taste among their competitors.

We know it can be hard picking the right weight gainer especially if you have just begun your research. Rest assured that these carefully chosen and evaluated weight and mass gainers on this list have benefited thousands and will also help you achieve your goals.

1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer

on serious mass gainerMany people have a good metabolism, which digests everything fast without any residues which could help put weight. Serious Mass helps people needing more mass in quick time. This provides an extra push for gaining mass taking care of metabolism. Please note that Serious Mass is geared for optimizing and increasing muscle mass and not the fat.

Benefit: Each serving has up to 1250 calories, which comes from 50 grams of high quality whey protein, Creatine and Glutamine plus essential vitamins.

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2. BSN True Mass Gainer

bsn true mass gainerTrue Mass is a truly stackable protein supplement which also doubles as a perfect meal replacement. It is nutrition-and-calorie rich and can either be had with water or any beverage of choice, either like Milk or Curd. Both provide additional nutrition of protein and complex carbohydrates. As you graduate from a beginner to advanced resistance trainer you can and should use it as a meal replacement. The best part is that in addition to aiding in mass gain, it also helps in repair and recovery of muscles after your hard resistance training efforts.

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3. Universal Nutrition Real Gains

universal nutrition real gainsReal Gains is based on properly thought-out macronutrient profile which combines high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. Basically it focuses on the idea of clean calories and hence the formulation is made.

The Whey Protein in Real Gains is combined with micellar casein which slows down absorption while providing a stable supply of amino acids. Further, it contains a special low-DE maltodextrin blend which is combined with inulin fiber, which in turn allows for better nutrient absorption through glucose polymers, which helps a lot in endurance-related workouts.

Lastly, the inulin fiber will no doubt help with more balanced blood sugar levels. The fats that are included within are MCT oil and flaxseed oil. The latter is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid which enhances insulin sensitivity and increases hormone production. These are the best and healthiest fats you can get.

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4. CytoSport Monster Mass Gainer

cytosport monster mass gainerThis CytoSport is really a monster mass aggregator of choice. It has a powerful combination of slow-digesting proteins which creates an anabolic window which lasts for hours and promotes muscle repair, recovery and growth. Just one serving of 150 grams contains 50 grams, that is one-third amount of sustained release protein matrix, which has whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, micellar casein and whey protein hydrolyzed (all three forms of whey protein available in the market). Boy, this one works wonders.

5. ON Pro Complex Gainer

on pro complex gainerThis one is the ultimate lean gainer solution. It is a fantastic tasteful mix which helps your taste buds to grab and digest quickly. It has a higher percentage of calories in this heady mix. All you need to do is to combine this with Curd, some dietary fiber (like soaked Chickpeas, or Chole in Hindi) and you have a gainer that beats every other product hands down.

Recommended to be consumed daily, this Pro Complex will add 650 calories and 7 proteins from a totally diverse range of sources such as whey, casein and egg. It has a high protein to carbs ratio and has very few sugars and this low sugar quantity exists for a reason. Extra sugar may add fat, which no one wants.

Use it with your workouts and watch for the gains everyone will praise and you would be proud of your efforts.

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6. MuscleTech Mass Tech

muscletech mass techIn just one scoop of MuscleTech Mass Tech you get 80 grams of protein. What’s more, you also get 13 grams of BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids for faster muscle recovery and very less muscle soreness which comes after a workout. The wholesome and abundant calories obtained from the scoop helps you to add a muscular pump and also to fuel your muscles with sufficient drive to workout with an extra intensity and satisfaction. The added enzymes like amylase and papain aid in your digestion so that all the protein you ingested does not strain your intestines and it gets absorbed easily and quickly.

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7. Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice

ultimate nutrition muscle juiceMuscle Juice provides a heady and potent mix supporting your muscle’s repair, growth and efficient usage. This special protein blend contains whey protein isolates & concentrates, calcium caseinate and egg’s white albumin. Not only this, but high quality premium carbs, with fat which has medium-chain-triglyceride or MCT oil. This MCT maintains a slower and steadier release of energy that does not increase cholesterol levels.

The best time to consume Muscle Juice is after workouts, when this special mix can easily help to heal the micro tears in muscles caused by the intense training.

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8. SSN Anabolic Muscle Builder

ssn anabolic muscle builderThis Muscle Builder is an ideally formulated blend of protein and carbohydrates to boost your insulin levels and then giving you a range of anabolic nutrients that quickly improve your muscle mass. Next it stimulates protein synthesis and helps you recover much faster after the workout. This is not all as the 33.5 grams of protein per scoop of 100 grams will enhance your muscle growth for that shredded look.

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9. Dymatize Elite Mass Gainer

dymatize elite mass gainerThis one is for hardcore athletes or those who need some help in recovering from intense workouts. This high protein supplement is an anabolic weight gainer which delivers more calories and protein per weight than many others in the market offer.

This specially made Sustained Release Matrix helps with endurance, and it has added doses of complex carbs, creatine, branched chain amino acids and anabolic lipids too. What’s more this product is 99% sugar free and tastes fantastic so that mixing with other drinks makes it a lip-smacking beverage.

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10. SAN Mass Effect Revolution

san mass effect revolutionThis quick release anabolic amino acid profile of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and SPI-90 is absorbed quickly for quick muscle repair and post workout protein synthesis for luxurious muscle growth. This new profile has slow releasing anti-catabolic amino acid profile of micellar casein, milk protein isolate and calcium caseinate which provide a consistent supply of amino acids to your muscles round the clock.

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That is all friends regarding our choice list of best Weight Gainers which are available in India. We are eagerly awaiting your response on all the hard work we have put in creating this list. Have happy weight gaining days!

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