5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Recovery Time

Look around any eating joint and you will see teenagers happily munch egg-whites. This shows that they are going two steps forward and one backward. It shows they are internet-aware, know the latest developments in the bodybuilding circuit, but conveniently forget the essentials, that speed your recovery time.

Don’t blame the internet as it makes you aware of the latest and it is up to you to grab what works best and leave the rest. Adding new workout routines and exercises is the way to go forward, but you should know how

  1. your body is made up of and
  2. best you can help it to recover faster

 so your next gym session gives max gains.

You are not alone if you have hit a plateau, not progressing far in building your body. We now list the 5 ways to speed your recovery time which you might have forgotten or missed. These are the most celebrated, time-tested ways you should focus on.

The 5 time-tested ways for Sure Recovery and Maximising Bodybuilding

If you are into bodybuilding for some time, you should know how your body responds at the gym. Even if you are not sure, follow these tips and observe, how cool they are and how they help you maximize your results at the gym.

1. Sleep like a Dead

The internet brings so many entertainment options, many tend to waste time watching the shows. Cutting down on sleep time is a BIG NO! Your body needs time to repair and rebuild the broken tendons, muscles and everything in between.

Excess caffeine, reluctance to switch off the internet has a cascading effect on your body. You need more time to fall asleep and this reduces the quality time needed for a peaceful sleep. Mind you, your body needs at least 8 hours for repairing and rebuilding.

Even 1 night’s disturbed sleep can play havoc on your entire week’s gym performance. Indigestion, bloating, insufficient hunger can interfere with almost everything, including your metabolism and all nutrition can go waste.

The Best Way for getting up refreshed

Switch off all light, sleep in an airy but a dark room on a comfortable bed. Try lying down at least 20-30 minutes prior to your sleeping time, which allows your body to switch off and calm your mind.

2. Go for Healthy Digestion

An unhealthy tummy is the number one enemy of good performance at the gym. Always eat veggies, leafy greens and fruits for that fibre which helps in clearing your bowels. A good stomach means proper digestion of all the nutrition, including protein and vitamins. It also means that if you carry your whey protein shake at the gym, your performance will be top notch.

A disrupted digestive system can not only decrease thyroid hormone level, which incidentally is useful in allowing glucose to be sent to all organs, it can also reduce your overall energy level and fatigue sets in very early. Small details like these can affect your overall performance and reduce your motivation too!

3. Watch your Carbohydrate intake before and after workouts

Excessive carbs before workouts may not be utilized properly and may result in them settling as flab. Whereas lower carbs means less energy to last throughout the exercise routine. If you cannot decide on what to eat before and after workout then this can provide some handy tips. Also, there are some high energy snacks you can choose from. Improper nutrition affects the recovery time and most often it fails.

Carb intense snacks after a workout are NOT recommended because most of us lead a sedentary life after working out at the gym. This means the excessive carbs do not melt away and almost negate the strenuous exercises’ benefit. One should always have light snacks, full of energy, just enough to fill our bodily demands after the workout. Efficient and optimized carb intake after workouts will reduce muscle soreness too, and some trial should be done to find the ideal car intake.

4. Drink More Water for Speedy Muscle Recovery

Well, more pushups, more weight lifting may be the perfect recipe for bigger biceps, but muscles need water to grow. In fact, muscles are made up of water and if you drink anything less than 10-12 glasses of water, the recovery may not be ideal. Sipping small amount of water during workouts is ideal but for recovery, water cannot be neglected.

Cold water is easy to gulp and you can easily drink more if you add your preferred flavor, like rose. You can even make a jug of water having strawberry or pineapple slices. This will not only be slightly sweet, but tastier to drink also.

5. Balance your Micros and Macros for Best Recovery

We started this article with egg whites, one of the best protein source for bodybuilders. Well, that is the macro part, bigger chunks of nutrition. But when you throw away the Yellows, you lose on the Micro-nutrition. The Yellow from eggs have—along with protein, many nutrients and vitamins and minerals—which help you out in many deficiencies.

If you are eating 6 egg whites, we recommend you to eat 4 whole eggs and help your body in recovery because along with protein, the vitamins & minerals will speed up most recovering from injuries, especially when the muscles break.

Forward thinking is good, but not forgetting the basics allows for correct progress. To reduce recovery time, balancing your macros & micros, drinking enough water, creating an environment conducive to peaceful sleep and keeping your digestion healthy are of utmost importance. Follow them and be a step ahead of your competitors, always!

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