5 Best Shoulder Exercises for Building Muscle Mass

Big muscular shoulders simply mean one thing – you are a real bodybuilder, working hard at the gym. Friends, isn’t this you want to tell everyone? Well, you are at the right place. Today we show you the chosen 5 best exercises that grow your shoulder really big.

There is also a huge plus point. These exercises are not tough and you can easily include them in your gym routine. And there are also a few precautions to observe, nothing to worry about. So let us get them out, before we hit upon the exercises:

  1. Please warm-up your joints with dynamic and static stretches and some movements, like rotating your arms in clockwise and anti-clockwise and some object throwing activity. It is always beneficial to have your blood flowing into the target area, your shoulders before training.
  2. These are chosen exercises and, hence, do not do it with every workout. But when you do, do it first in your gym routine, after you have warmed up.

Got it? Didn’t we say there is nothing to worry about!

Top 5 Celebrated Shoulder Workouts for Those Bulging Shoulders

We start with the most prolific exercise which, in fact, involves almost whole of your body and, obviously, should be your first choice. By the way, it is called the Barbell Push Press. Let us know more about it now.

1. Barbell Push Press

Barbell Push PressIn this simple but effective exercise you keep the barbell on top of your upper chest. Now bending your knees just slightly push the barbell upwards with thrust on your feet. This affects all of your lower body, triceps and upper pecs too.

Though included in your gym routine, this one is a strength improver which can help lift more plates than other exercises. This also engages more of your muscle mass and with time, you get more bulging muscles which will impress everyone for sure.

2. Standing Military Press

Standing Military PressSo you have warmed up and are through with the Barbell push. This Military Press allows for generating a momentum which also helps to increase muscular activation to a great extent. Many bodybuilders consider this as an isolated exercise, whereas it is not, in the strictest sense.

Remember to stop just short of lockout, you keep the bar off your upper chest and then go ahead and press straight overhead. The slight bend in your knees will take care of any imbalance and also help relieve your lower back stress. This exercise, done while standing brings greater results than when sitting.

Remember not to get carried away and always choose a challenging weight. Once you are well-versed, increasing the load is the smart way.

3. Arnold Press

Arnold PressThe Arnold press is essentially a variation of the traditional dumbbell press that increases the range of motion manifold. It is quite simple because you start with the dumbbells keeping them in front with your palms facing towards yourself. Now press the weights overhead while rotating your wrists at the same time. When lowering the weights, rotate your wrists in the totally opposite direction.

If you feel like, you can also do this exercise after the Barbell Push Press and you can easily go up to 10-12 reps. But do not rush into this quickly, take your time, get accustomed and then you are free to try.

4. Dumbbell Incline Row

Dumbbell Incline Row

Most exercises we do, affect more body parts and areas and this one is no exception. Dumbbell Incline Row is a multi-joint exercise which helps moulding your shoulders along with your back. In fact, it is a hell of an exercise for your body.

Set up your bench to a 35-50 degree incline and then lie on it on your chest. Now grasp a dumbbell in each arm and then draw your shoulder blades back and forth as you row the weights to your sides. Just do it for 6-8 reps and then experience how even your back feels rock solid.

5. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This exercise needs that you keep your rep timing slow and controlled. This is an isolation exercise and try to focus on the stretch and muscle contraction, using lower weights. This helps in keeping the motion slow.  It looks easy, but it is NOT so. Try to master it slowly because when you do, great results follow.

Grasp the dumbbells in front of your thighs , and with elbows slightly bent. Now bend over slightly with hips and knees bent slightly. Now raise upper arms to your sides until your elbows are shoulder height. Try to maintain your elbow height above or equal to the wrists. Lower them and then repeat.


Shoulder composition is complex and has almost three sections. The above exercises help grow your muscles in all these sections and what you get is a bulging shoulder. Follow them as described and emerge with a proud, broad shoulder. Good luck!

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