10 Best Post-Workout Supplements in India

Importance of a Post-Workout Supplement

Believe it or not, your body is on the verge of getting a new shape. You are exercising, doing resistance training and your starved, thirsty and tired body looks for energy, water and rest. What is your duty now? Obviously to provide best nutrition for recovery and rebuilding process and allow some rest to recharge its batteries.

What does a Repair and Recovery Specialist Supplement do?

Building blocks do not simply pile up at the right place. You need proper nutrients and tools to make it happen. You also need liquids like water to dissolve and help body digest well and efficiently transport the nutrients to respective body parts.

The selected nutrients, after careful research are formulated for that particular job.

Why Supplements Come With Scoops?

Capsules simply do not fit the need. Bodies need definite amounts, say 35 grams and each bottle has metered dosages. Scoops help you measure the powder accurately so you get more value for money with zero wastage. In addition, excess supplement on one hand may not provide any extra benefits and on the other hand prove costly.

Benefits of Timely Feeding the Post-Workout Supplement

The benefits are many, like increase in muscle recovery rate, reducing soreness, build lean muscle tissues, reduce dehydration, pain, increase endurance and then enhance growth capacity etc. One done, you get ready for next day’s resistance training.

What is the Ideal Time for Consuming the Post-Workout Supplement?

Though one should have the supplement immediately after workouts, there is no such hard and fast rule. Many prefer waiting for body to regain its pulse and simply keep moving here and there. Allowing 15-20 minutes in-between is okay and slowly sipping your shake gets you all the benefits.

How to Choose A Post-Workout Supplement that Suits Your Needs?

Firstly, do not blindly follow either your idol, your trainer or friend. Also do not choose any proprietary formulation which does not put the ingredients in the open. Lastly, look for key ingredients with around 2 grams doses of either of Leucine, Creatine, Betaine, Carnitine Tartrate, Glutamine and Beta-Alanine as they are the main ingredients that surely work.

It also depends on which stage of bodybuilding you are in now. If you have already spent a few months you know what works else begin with whey protein and you should be good to go.

Top 10 Best Post Workout Supplements in India for 2018

1. Cellucor Alpha Amino

cellucor alpha aminoCellucor Alpha Amino, recognized for its great effects on the body as a post-workout drink. Alpha Amino gives muscles nothing but healthy amounts of what they crave the most: amino acids and electrolytes. It promotes the muscle’s active maintenance even without exercise, which, reinforced by the easy absorption of free-form amino acids in the supplements.

Its pros include improved muscle consistency, growth pace, and resistance to breaking down. Packed with enough energy to power up the body until the next day, this supplement makes excellent use for its 14 potent amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Alanine, Arginine, Glutamine, etc) and comprehensive hydration component made of Chia Seeds, HydroMax, and Coconut Water.

Alpha Amino has the best, proven track record by experts, consumers, and researchers, thus, making it the best post-workout supplement to buy for its price.

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2. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amin.O. Energy

optimum nutrition essential amino energyOptimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy exists here for having a comprehensive nutritional content and exiting in shake form. It guarantees the body’s access to numerous essential nutrients and helps the quick digestion of these.

Main ingredients of this supplement are powerful amino acids with Beta-alanine, and Green Tea Extracts. This supplement aids in muscle recovery and production of Nitric Oxide in the body. It is easy to love this post-workout supplement because it contains zero fat and only 10 calories.

It contains industry-standard levels of amino acids that increases muscle recovery, endurance and resistance to breakdown. The quality of its energizing component is high, thanks to its Taurine and Arginine content. Take note that this supplement contains 50mg caffeine every serving.

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3. Universal Nutrition Torrent

Universal Nutrition TorrentUniversal Torrent is simple but powerful. It relies on advanced Creatines and Whey Protein to carry all its potency. What makes this supplement special is its simple formula that directly targets increased rate of the production of lean muscle mass. The whey protein is in hydrolyzed form while amino acids in the supplement are free floating. The amount of creatines it has per serving is enough for a whole day, supplying your body with a day’s worth of energy and resistance to breaking down.

Universal Nutrition Torrent has one of the most comprehensive content in the list. It has four major ingredients, which are an Anti-catabolic Leucine complex, a 7g Volubolic Amino Acid mix, 3g Creabolic Complex, and 20g Protein. What else one can ask for.

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4. SciVation Xtend Endurance

SciVation Xtend EnduranceSciVation Xtend Endurance gives you extended endurance during workout and a jolt on muscle recovery. What it does is it increases the production of carbs. It possesses a BCAA 2:1:1 with added Glutamine, electrolytes for rehydration, and Citrulline.

Maltodextrin, Waxy Maize, and Cluster Dextrin compose the main complex carbohydrate of this supplement. Salts like Trisodium Citrate Dihydrite and simple salts extend muscle endurance and water retention. Leucine content is 3.5g and Isoleucine is at 1.75g, and glutamate is at 2.5g. This product is probably the only one with an apt name assigned to it.

5. BPI Sports Best BCAA

BPI Sports Best BCAABPI Sports Best BCAA is a bit different from other supplements in this list. It speeds up muscle recovery while cutting down body fat and increasing Vasodilation. The BCAA main ingredient of this supplement is a unique bonding of three simpler Branched Chain Amino Acids together that improves amino acid absorption.

The simple but high-performance formula contributes to the increased life of muscle tissue and the synthesis of proteins. Although one of the best in muscle development, it does not contain big names that other manufacturers flaunt. Valine is the most abundant amino acid in Sports Best BCAA. This amino acid improves blood flow aiding to the distribution of proteins all over the body.

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6. Rich Piana 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAYALLDAYYOUMAY is a supplement packed with Beta-alanine, Carnitine, Coconut Water Concentrate, and other vitamins. It promotes muscle recovery and minimizes muscle soreness while strengthening joints and immune systems. Protein synthesis, stimulated by this supplement, extends the tissue life of muscle.

Every serving contains 5g of Leucine, which is 10 parts of the BCAA blend molecule. Another 8g of essential amino acids like Glutamine, Cysteine, and Carnitine improves muscle recovery while a buffer blend of Creatinol and Beta-alanine increases endurance.

7. MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2

MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2The ratio in musclepharm BCAA is a special ratio molecule of the Branched Chain Amino Acids. The amino acid molecule, structured as such to give the body large quantities of BCAA by just taking one capsule. BCAA 3:1:2 focuses in bringing out the maximum potential of the human muscle.

It slows down involuntary muscle breakdown, increases muscle growth rate, muscle mass, strength, and endurance, and decreases fat production in the body. This uniquely proportioned BCAA comes in 8 capsules, all unsweetened, and sold at a cost-efficient price.

3 grams of Leucine is most vital for muscle recovery, 1 gram of Isoleucine is in charge of the efficient production and burning of glucose and finally 2 grams of Valine also contributes to protein production but works on the output efficiency of proteins and other nutrients.

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BSN AMINO XThis effervescent (absorbed quickly than competitor’s formulation) drink’s main active ingredient is 10g Anabolic Acid Complex made up of Leucine, Isoleucine, Alanine, Valine, Citrulline and Taurine. This excellent complex stimulates protein production, increasing muscle mass and healthy muscle regeneration.

It also prevents muscle components from breakdown and though it contains zero caffeine or sucrose it tastes great.

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9. MHP Dark Matter

MHP Dark MatterMHP is a speedy worker by any standards. It triggers protein production using massive amounts of Leucine and glycogen replacement. The formulation made especially for speedy regeneration mode rather than making huge amounts of building blocks. Muscle soreness decreases considerably and the boosted insulin levels hasten glycogen restoration. In our considered opinion, try this product once before reaching on any conclusion.

10. EVL Nutrition Re-BLD, in Pills

EVL Nutrition Re-BLD, in PillsRebldRe-BLD contains creatine, glutamine and a bunch of Branched Chain Amino Acids. It aims to give all the nutrients you need in one pill so that you will not have to take in multiple pills at once. It promotes muscle recovery, endurance and creatine refueling while reducing muscle soreness. Re-BLD is expensive no doubt, and not as versatile in terms of flavor but it works best. If looking for steady progress then this is the supplement you should opt for now.

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