10 Best Green Tea for Weight Loss in India

Green Tea is fast getting popular in India for multiple reasons. No doubt it is an excellent weight loss aid, it also boosts immunity due to the antioxidant property it has. It is one of the top selling products for weight loss in India and the demand is constantly going up. Known as a cup of good health, many brands have come up with their versions and this makes the market interesting.

Health practitioners recommend it for reasons other than the above. They vouch about the following properties, like:

  1. Strengthen memory because it contains L-Theanine, an amino acid which helps in production of alpha waves in our brain. When caffeine is added to the mix, the alertness which caffeine brings, the combo makes it an ideal for boosting memory.
  2. The antioxidant lowers the risk of Breast Cancer and many women have started having Green Tea regularly.
  3. It is also very beneficial for heart diseases and most obese people drink which no doubt lowers weight, and boosts the heart functioning.
  4. Having Green Tea in the morning, instead of normal tea, it removes the ill-effects of boiled tea stored in our body.
  5. It is beneficial for blood pressure patients as it keeps from rising.
  6. For diabetics, it is very good. Firstly because you don’t add sugar (which raised blood sugar level almost instantly) and then the antioxidants helped reduce plaque formation in veins, increasing blood flow.

All in all, Green Tea is very beneficial for everyone including students, office goers, gym goers, mothers and everyone else.

Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands in India for 2018

1. Twinings Green Tea

Twinings Green TeaThis ever popular Green Tea brand is available in many variants like Lemon, Jasmine, Mint etc. The Jasmine variety is picking up quickly as it somehow gels with the inherent flavor. Their price is high no doubt but it also packs in the best quality. Moreover, it serves the purpose with aplomb because consumers take into consideration the benefits.

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2. Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green TeaA well-known brand for normal teas, it has come up with Green Tea variety. Surprisingly, it has a variety named Pure which is bland and offers pure green tea flavor. However, for those who want something extra can always pick the Jasmine, Mint and Citrus flavours. Priced slightly higher the tea is much sought-after product.

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3. Organic India Green Tea

Organic India Green TeaInfused with Basil (Tulsi) this tea tastes awesome. As you all know Tulsi is recommended in Ayurveda for improving breathing problems, reducing weight and lowering stress levels. As opposed to products that simply add Tulsi powder, they have used a different technique for proper fusion. For the choosy, their Jasmine variant is a combo of Tulsi& Jasmine, a delightful combination.

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4. Gaia Green Tea

Gaia Green TeaA household name now, Gaia has other products under its belt like Stevia powder. Even the Green Tea they have introduced is an excellent product. The variants include Ginger, Cardamom (Elaichi), Lemon, Honey etc. Normally we have our daily cuppa with ginger or elaichi, but this pre-mixed infused tea tastes awesome. The Honey variety is slightly, just slightly sweet and just brings up the flavor smoothly.

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5. Himalaya Green Tea

Himalaya Green TeaAn otherwise healthcare company, Himalaya has jumped with its own Green Tea. It is an organic variety, meaning no artificial fertilizers are used while growing and it is good strategy. If you have used their products earlier, you can be sure even this will maintain the highest standards associated with the Himalaya brand. Currently they are available only in Pure flavor and is quite costly. But as said earlier, you need to spend something to gain multiple benefits.

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6. Taj Mahal Green Tea

TajMahal Green TeaSurprisingly this premium brand figure so low in this list. We say this because it contains the famous Darjeeling Tea which is very premium. This product comes in very unique flavor of Honey Lemon also and as Ayurveda recommends having Honey & Lemon first thing in the morning; this tea meets the health criteria also. So why wait, just go and get it.

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7. Jay Green Tea

Jay Green TeaA little known brand of course, but it is fast picking up. The Pomegranate (Anaar) flavor is simply fantastic and is loved by all. Owned by MadhuJayanti International, the company also sells many healthcare products. We have no doubt it will rank higher in our next upcoming list.

8. Happy Valley Green Tea

Happy Valley Green TeaAn organic variety Green Tea obtained from Darjeeling this product is much costlier than its competitors. Grown with bio-dynamic practices the promoters say many companies will follow suit. The feedback obtained is great with the only nag on its price tag.

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9. Tetley Green Tea

Tetley Green TeaThis Green Tea islagging behind just for one sole reason that it has slightly bitter after-taste. But many readers opine that it is not lacking in quality, albeit the taste is much better than its competitors. Offered in varieties like Long Leaf, Lemon & Honey and Ginger all are best sellers.

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10. LaPlant Green Tea

LaPlant Green TeaFast in reaching many households, this newly launched product is owned by Mumbai based brand. This variety of Green Tea is exotic in taste and offers unique blends like Tulsi, Lemon and Long Leaf varieties. The colour is light green and the aroma is inviting too.

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Friends, this was our list of best Green Teas ranked as per our reader feedback. As we always maintain that we just cannot place two brands at one rank, we had to create this list. Believe us, none of the brands are inferior to the other on any benchmark. It is just that you may like one brand and another reader some other.

Some readers value taste and some the colour and aroma. Some of the ones, who have just started drinking Green Tea as a regular habit, adopt the policy of purchasing the lowest first and then gradually moving ahead.

We would welcome your assessment of our analysis in creating this list of Best Green Teas. Please use the contact form and inform us of your valuable comments. We are waiting for your feedback.

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