5 Best Casein Protein Powders in India

Bodybuilders often consume health supplements along with their workouts and look for various benefits. Most common use is to build strong muscles and sometimes look for weight loss. They want to know how to maximize the efforts and get fullest benefits from the workouts.

The simplest answer is to keep a check on your protein intake but with so many choices available for protein powders, it is very difficult pin pointing the best amongst them. Also important is to choose the correct type of protein, which helps in getting desired results.

Casein Protein A Blessing in Disguise

Casein has a wide range of benefits few know about. Casein is about 80% of milk protein, which contains phosphorus and an excellent amino acid profile. It is a slow digesting protein variety enriched with calcium, beneficial in enhancing bone health.

This slow digesting protein takes several hours to break down and sends a steady flow of amino acid into your bloodstream. This process provides prolonged benefits if used as a bedtime snack. A sleep time of 8 hours is enough to enhance muscle building and recovery of fatigued muscles arising from strenuous workouts.

Wake up Bodybuilders, it is time you Chose Casein Protein

Now that you know how effective casein protein is, isn’t it time you chose your bottle? We have compiled the best for this year-end and the coming months.

Top 5 Best Casein Protein in India for 2018

1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

This ON branded Casein Protein is the best available in the market. Loaded with 23 grams of pure casein powder per serving, it an excellent product, which will keep your muscles, fueled for the whole night. Products like these set the tone for others to follow on observing standards.


  1. Winner of the 2015 Casein Protein of the Year award
  2. 23g casein protein per serving
  3. Increases protein synthesis
  4. Improves muscle growth
  5. Improves post-workout recovery
  6. Keeps your muscles fueled for many hours
  7. Keeps your body in an anabolic state for several hours
  8. High calcium content
  9. Ideal as a pre-bedtime snack
  10. No artificial ingredients or unnecessary fillers
  11. Ideal amino acid profile
  12. The best tasting casein protein – available in 6 flavors

One serving of Gold Standard 100% Casein contains 23g of high quality casein protein, packed with vital amino acids like arginine, alanine, glutamine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, and more. These amino acids are essential for muscle growth, recovery, and many other functions in the body.

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2. MusclePharm Combat 100% Casein Protein

Loaded with 28g of high quality casein protein per serving, this product is one of the best casein protein powders on the market. This supplement also contains a unique digestive enzyme that helps improve digestive health and nutrient absorption. Better digestion means better metabolism too.


  1. 28g casein protein per serving
  2. Added digestive enzyme blend
  3. Supports muscle growth
  4. Helps you recover faster
  5. Stimulates protein synthesis
  6. The ideal bedtime snack
  7. High calcium content
  8. Prevents catabolism
  9. Mixes easily
  10. Provides 5+ hours of amino acids
  11. High quality ingredients
  12. Gluten free
  13. Excellent amino acid profile
  14. One of the best tasting casein protein powders

The digestive enzyme blend, consisting of protease and lactase helps improve digestive health, and improves the body’s ability to absorb and use nutrients. Each serving of this supplement will help get you one-step closer to your fitness goals by helping you recover properly from strenuous exercise.

3. Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein Protein

Picking sales fast compared to previous years, it is packed with 24g of high quality casein protein per serving, plus an added enzyme blend to aid digestion, Elite Casein has everything you need to keep your muscles fueled with vital amino acids for hours on end.


  1. 24g casein protein per serving
  2. Enzyme blend for healthy digestion
  3. 50% of your daily calcium per serving
  4. Excellent amino acid profile
  5. Absorbs slowly
  6. Speeds recovery time
  7. Reduces muscle soreness
  8. Helps build more muscle
  9. The perfect bedtime snack
  10. Available in 4 tasty flavors

Dymatize Nutrition a large-scale manufacturer of high quality fitness supplements makes Elite Casein. Since 1994, Dymatize has employed a team of fitness and health professionals to help create valuable, effective supplements for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts.

Until a few years ago, it supplied to many manufacturers and only after establishing great reputation, has entered the market on their own.

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4. Universal Nutrition Casein Pro

Boasting 24g of pure casein protein per serving, Universal Nutrition Casein Pro makes the perfect bedtime snack for weightlifters wanting to keep catabolism at bay and remain anabolic throughout the night.


  1. 24g casein protein per serving
  2. Helps build more muscle
  3. Helps you recover faster
  4. Reduces muscle soreness
  5. Gets you back in the gym faster
  6. Keeps you anabolic for many hours
  7. Helps rebuild damaged muscles
  8. Perfect for a snack before bed
  9. 3 Lip Smacking flavours

Founded in 1977, Universal Nutrition has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing standard supplements. Casein Pro is a great product at a great price. It uses pure micellar casein, widely considered the superior form of casein. At 24g a serving, it’s in line with most of our top recommendations.

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5. MuscleTech Platinum Casein

MuscleTech Platinum Casein is a high quality casein supplement at an affordable price. Made by MuscleTech, one of the industry’s best companies, Platinum Casein provides a full 24g of high quality micellar casein per serving.


  1. 24g casein protein per serving
  2. Over 5g BCAAs and 4g glutamine per serving
  3. Advanced formula improves digestion quality
  4. Digests slowly over time
  5. Provides sustained release amino acids
  6. Great for use before going to bed
  7. Contains 100% micellar casein
  8. The perfect recovery supplement
  9. Speeds post-workout recovery
  10. Keeps you anabolic at night
  11. Helps to reduce muscle soreness
  12. Affordable

MuscleTech have over a million fans on Facebook and countless more loyal customers, MuscleTech is somewhat of a household name in the fitness community – and for good reason. Their high quality products, great customer support and low prices make them a top choice for athletes everywhere.


Friends, as you know we cannot tag all products at the top. We have a limitation on our list. Feel free to buy any one of this list, as each one is supreme. High Quality ingredients, hygienic packaging and fresh stock is what each one guarantees. So what are you waiting for? Grab one today!

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