7 Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain in India

Ayurvedic Medicines are not only famous in India but the whole world is now looking to know more about it. This system of medicine not only helps for Weight Loss but also has many tricks up its sleeve for Weight Gain. The best part as everyone knows, Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain have no side effects and when consumed with adequate exercise and holistic diet shows wonderful results. You can gain weight in the least possible time!

But before rushing to towards this solution, it is best to find out what are the reasons for you being underweight. Once you steer clear from these, the best results would show automatically.

The Main Reasons for Being Underweight

We all lead a fast life and many a time we overlook a few essentials. Sometimes it is possible to make small changes which then can bring wonderful results. But for those who are uninitiated, here are some of the reasons for being skinny or underweight.

  1. Unnecessary or over-fasting
  2. Genetic disorders or factors
  3. Stress (due to work, family or other reasons)
  4. Skipping meals (at office or home, for lack of time)
  5. Heavy physical activity
  6. Irregular metabolism
  7. Difficulty in cleaning bowels
  8. Weak Immunity

If you are the one having any one of the list given above, we suggest you to streamline your day-to-day lifestyle. Though we cannot comment on anything genetic, skipping meals and stress are likely to take a heavy toll on your body.

Once you have stabilized, the following medicines will definitely help you cross the border and usher in a new life filled with vigour, vitality and obviously weight gain!

How Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain Help You?

Sourced from the nature, these ayurvedic medicines help you maintain internal balance. They also help you out to get renewed energy from minerals and vitamins necessary for the change. There are special herbs which for centuries have helped humans overcome their day-to-day difficulties.

For example, Milk is totally natural (and part of Ayurveda) and so is Whey Protein, which is extracted from milk. There are many recipes using whey protein to help you in weight gain.

Wonderful Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain Available in India

We now list the best known herbs with wonderful medicinal qualities that help you put on weight. Please follow the directions given on the pack.

1. Ashwagandha

It is very effective for weight gain and often included in many formulations. Though it is high on nutritional value, you can easily consume it along with high calorie whey protein shakes for weight gain so that you can see the results faster.

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2. Shatavari

An excellent hydrator and takes care of your body when you are short on water. It effectively maintains fluid balance inside your body and also betters the digestive system. This wonder herb is much popular among those who are looking for quick weight gain.

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3. Chyavanprash

Formulated by Sage Chyavan, it contains almost two dozen different herbs and energy giving ingredients like honey and ghee. This one is especially helpful for those who are recuperating from diseases. Even normal people can benefit from it as it ups your metabolism and builds up strength, stamina and helps you gain weight.

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4. Yashtimadhu (Licorice)

It improves your immunity and internal bodily defense mechanism. It works as a supplement in increasing the hunger and when you consume more food, naturally your weight gain is seen on the rise. As a good side effect, it also soothes your throat and singers often suck it to improve their voice quality.

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5. Custard Apple or Annonna Squamosa (Sharifa in Hindi)

Though this is a fruit, Ayurveda recommends it as a medicine for excellent weight gain. It improves the muscle power and works in benefiting the body by providing the right directions for weight gain. Practitioners recommend eating a whole fruit a day for impressive results.

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6. Vasant Kusumakar Ras

One of the best rejuvenator in the entire Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain, it fortifies the blood vessels, increases memory and improves skin complexion too. Furthermore, it helps you in weight gain and also improves your immunity.

Usually, this medicine is recommended to be consumed with ghee, honey or unrefined sugar.

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7. Turmeric

Used regularly in Indian cuisine, this wonder herb helps in increasing your weight. It strengthens your metabolism and raises the hunger so that the food intake is increased. Usually, some black pepper is also added to the diet which increases the taste and digesting is no problem at all.

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For centuries Ayurvedic Medicines are used for weight gain and the herbs mentioned above were included. We urge you to first get organized in your daily life and then try these medicines for a more fruitful effect.

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